Tuesday, July 20, 2010

summer pants

Surprisingly, these are great summer pants. The fabric is light enough and loose enough to stay perfectly cool. It doesn't cling but is still stretchy enough to allow for conversions. So far, I've found 3 different ways of wearing the waistband, including high-waisted, folded down, and, like in this shot, pulled up over the chest to create a pantsuit effect.

If I had the money I would wear nothing but American Apparel and J.Crew

In this photo:
American Apparel harem pants
American Apparel leotard
Vintage necklace
Forever21 sandals


Anthea said...

Just found your blog and I love it! You have great style! I am adding your blog to my Bloglovon account right now!

Embracing Style

Kara said...

love these harem pants! I have them too and love wearing them as a pantsuit like you are! So comfy!


Unknown said...

Thank you Anthea! I'm gonna check out your blog right away!

I wish they made the pants in different colors!

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