Thursday, July 29, 2010


These next couple of posts focus on what I think are classics, but mainly they are just the things I wear pretty much non-stop at the moment.

First off STRIPES!
It's a common misconception that stripes will make you look "wide" and shorter people are always told to stay away from horizontal stripes. I think this is all a lark. Stripes are timeless and also very "IN". You see them everywhere, even entire dresses (I nearly bought one at Forever21 but I thought it might be overdoing it. Now I regret it). There is only one fact to keep in mind when buying stripes: Smaller stripes are always more flattering than large stripes, but this is not set in stone. Take for instance my top. I usually don't look fabulous in broad stripes, but this tank top with its minimal fabric is perfect in this bright aqua print. This brings to mind another thing to try: if you prefer broad stripes try them in light or bright colors. This minimizes the overwhelming boldness.

Next, nail polish.
This is kind of a "Well, duhh" thing, but never underestimate the power of nail polish. It can really bring together and outfit, or at least in your own mind it can. As classic as blood red nails are, I think pink is just as! It flatters all skin tones and isn't as noticeable when it starts chipping off (well, on light skin anyway). Essie is my favorite, they have an amazing selection of shades (innumerable pinks) and it seems to be more chip-resistant than OPI. If you don't feel like spending $8 on a nail polish, Revlon and L'Oreal make great polishes as well.

At least one more post to come, but I am starving so I'm gonna go make dinner.

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