Thursday, July 22, 2010

In recovery

This past school year I had 5 jobs: nanny, tutor, barrista, property manager, and office manager. But when June came those jobs dwindled to 4-ish, and they're very off and on. It's nice to have the time off, but the flow of dolla bills is not as steady. So I've decided that blowing $300 on a pair of Chloe flats in the 2nd week of June may not have been the best idea, especially since about a month afterward I had to put $975 into my car. I am slowly recovering, but it is a painful recovery.

But OH! how I love my Chloe flats with the ankle straps!

In this photo:
Sheer floral top by Jo-Yana
Tank-top from Forever21
Brass Plum skirt circa 1990
Prince Calf gray flats by Chloe

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