Friday, July 30, 2010


Every mademoiselle should have at least one pair of wedges in their wardrobe. Out of all the different types of high heels you can buy, they are more often than not the most comfortable and most stable. This makes them great for work and everyday wear. Plus, you know, they're really cute.

I cannot get over how amazing these Cooperative wedges are. I can wear them for days in a row. Anytime someone comments on them, I direct them to the nearest Urban Outfitters and recommend that they pick up a pair immediately. They really are the most comfortable, walkable heels I've ever owned, and at $48 they are a great deal. Even if you don't have money to throw around, I highly recommend "investing" in a pair of these. Right now, they are available in-store in a nice sage green and black. I know other colors have been available (red, yellow, brown), but it might take a little digging to find them. The sales people at UO are usually pretty willing to call around to other locations if you are looking for something in particular.

In this series:
Vintage lambswool/acrylic sweater
Scarf from street vendor in London
City Fit pants by J. Crew
Cooperative wedges from Urban Outfitters

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