Monday, July 26, 2010

Work with what you got

I'm gonna totally nerd-out here and say: Did J.Crew go inside my brain and choose all their colors from what was stored up there??? All of the color schemes and combinations they feature are all my favorite colors, schemes, combos, etc. They are the correct shades too, seriously to the tee. Anyway, I am a huge dork. I like to collect paint color chips.

I tore this page directly from the catalog because I loved the make-up and accessories so much. The model wears A. R. Trapp Quadra Sunglasses that cost more than my Chloes, so I will have to be satisfied with my American Apparel frames. They're a great color, but I really wish I could magic them into tortoise shell.

Now for an unintended magazine-style product plug. When it comes to lip products and nail polishes, I buy Revlon pretty regularly. Why? Because they are affordable and come in great shades. Also, the lip products don't contain that noxious perfume that most L'Oreal lipsticks do. Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stains have a Raspberry fragrance/taste, but it doesn't assualt your nose the entire time you are wearing the product. Be careful with the color you choose though. The first one I bought was suppose to be a scarlet color(it's called 'Flame')but turned out to be a bright fuchsia. I've replaced it with 'Forbidden' that looks like it might be a nude stain judging by the outside, but is actually a ruddy Merlot. Since I have very generous lips, I wear it as a stain on the inner portions of my lips rather then as a solid color. The nail polish is one of my favorites; I've had it forever. It's a bright coral color, appropriately named 'Craving Coral' #902.

-A.R. Trapp sunglasses: $450

-American Apparel sunglasses range from $25 to $55 and there are two vintage pairs that go for $350 but they are stupid looking.

-Revlon Nail Enamel about $4

-Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain $8.99


Kara said...

I love revlon nail polishes! Just picked up the last bottle of 'minted' at the drug store the other week. It was honestly the first mint colour I had seen from a drug store brand this season and it was 3.99! Steal! :)


Unknown said...

I want that one really bad but it's so close to this other bluish-green polish I have that I would feel silly buying it. I think I saw it on your blog :)

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