Friday, July 23, 2010

Zut alors! What is zis?

“Oui, I am French, but only zees much. Et oui, I do look like a cartoon of a French person, merci.”

But seriously folks, my mom was born in Domremy. She was baptized in the same church as Joan of Arc. Perhaps my mother wore this same outfit as a school uniform. I shall ask her.

I want to name my children very French names, all ending in 'i' or 'e', but my boyfriend will not have it. We have compromised on very English names like Phillipa and Henry with a 'y'. At least I have a little niece named Mathilde, after my very-french great-great grandmother.

I found two of these perfect berets at an estate sale. Both 100% wool, both made in the Czech Republic. One is black, one is red, what else could you need?

In this photo:
Vintage wool beret
Tresics cardigan
Stripped top from a garage sale
BDG pants (
Cole Haan loafers


Anonymous said...

how sweet! i love this outfit!



Anonymous said...

Lucky find on the berets!

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