Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Nothing feels more pulled together than black and white. Crisp, clean and contrasting, it stands out without trying too hard; is casual yet sophisticated. Since they are the ruling King and Queen of Basics, there's no need to hunt high and low for them.

I found this blouse at H&M and decided to add it to my collection of "Mime Styles", haha. It will look so fabulous with a beret! And Trevor will make fun of me, but that's OK because berets are a little ridiculous! Seriously though, is this any different from when I was a little girl and would dress up like Snow White or Mowgli? I am 26 now and still change my outfit at least 3 times a day.

This series:
H&M Blouse
Mossimo leggings
Chloe Prince Calf flats
Juicy Couture charm necklace


Collette Osuna said...

I agree, B&W are timeless...and you look fantastic in this outfit:)

Kara said...

You can never go wrong with black and white! you can dress it up or down and it always looks classic! Love this one from you. And why does your hair always look perfect?? lol. So jealous!
(And I change a least 3 times a day as well so dont feel bad!) :)


Unknown said...

Collette, I was totally thinking of your post from the other day! I loved the black and white!

Thanks Kara! I feel like I fight with my hair all day long, haha. It's things I'm sure no one else notices but I'm always thinking "Why won't that ?#@*! hair stop sticking out??" Glad to here that I'm not the only one who can't decide what to wear!

Linda said...

I have the same blouse =) great outfit! Simple is a good thing.

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