Monday, August 23, 2010

Boyfriend Sweaters

Not usually a fan of the boyfriend fit, at lease on myself. It looks great on girls that are around 6 ft. tall, but I am not that tall. Nowhere near. This wool sweater called my name though. It called to me from my boyfriend's closet. I walked straight in, looked to my left, and there it was, sticking out of a pile on a shelf. It's way too small for my boyfriend, but he says he wore it as a sort of undershirt on ski trips, etc. It fits perfectly and, for once, the light color actually looks good on me. It's the perfect shade of ivory as it doesn't wash me out.

In this photo:
Ray Ban Wayfarers
English Wool Sweater
Vintage Coach bag
J. Crew City Fit Pants
Flats from Target


Collette Osuna said...

LOVE how you look...the sweater is perfect:)Cute little shoes too!

Kara said...

i love this whole look on you!! The boyfriend fit is a great style for you! Glad you answered the sweater's call... ;)


Unknown said...

I love all your photos in the sun! very bright and cute.

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