Thursday, August 26, 2010


So tonight was the Shipley & Halmos shoot. I was suppose to meet my friend Jesse at Barney's, but forgot my phone when I left to nanny and didn't have time to go back and get it. I was able to send him a message on Facebook. We agreed to meet around 6pm or so, but I didn't get there till 6:30. It took me an hour to go about 2 miles! Next time I need to skip the errands and just tackle the traffic and parking hell that is Seattle.

Anyway, I never saw Jesse, but made it just in time for the end of the shoot. I was the last photo of the last stop on their tour! I got to meet the Shipley and the Halmos. They're very nice, good looking, and of course well dressed! Mr. Halmos had on an oxford shirt and tortoise shell frames, both always catch my eye. Mr. Shipley had hair like mine, haha. I only got to see one of my photos, a portrait, which was very nice. I was so nervous, I can't imagine any of the other ones turned out. I get such nerves that I lose control over my body and forgot all of my posing strategies. I will never be a model! Thank God I follow direction pretty well!

I filled out the release and they gave me a card with the URL of where the pictures will be uploaded. The best was when one of the ladies at Barney's told me they were so glad I had my picture taken and that they were hoping I would, because my look was exactly what they (Shipley & Halmos) were looking for. That made my night :) Then the employee and I had a little girly time going on and on about how we wanted the other one's hair (she had wavy, I have straight). Haha, girls are really silly sometimes. Trust me, I know, I am one of the silliest.


Collette Osuna said...

You look great...loving the hat and the red here:)

Kirstin said...

You are so adorable. You have such a lovely look!
Check out my blog!

RedPoppy said...

Hiya Catie , your beret is fab, and so is the rest of your look. such a great post. I am fashionising in Seattle too!

Unknown said...

this outfit is stunning!!!! you're fabulous. found your blog link from weardrobe. just love your blog, definitely your new follower :)

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