Monday, August 2, 2010


Oh Vermeer. Half the magic in your paintings is the lighting. If only I understood things the way you did.

I am in no way professionally trained, so I can only barely begin to explain lighting for photos. I haven't has a photography class since high school! It depends, of course, on the direction you are facing. My kitchen is on the West side of my apartment building and the lighting is perfect in the afternoons around 2pm or 3pm. This will change with the seasons though. All I can really tell you is experiment!

-White rooms may not provide the most interesting background, but the paint reflects the most light.
-There is usually plenty of light if you are shooting outside, but it is best to shoot in the morning or in the evening before the sun sets. If you go out at noon, it might leave you with lots of squinting photos.
-Use natural light as well as artificial light. This will provide light from every angle.

If I were professionally trained, or bothered to read a book on lighting I could explain it better and it would feel less like luck. But my advice is about as helpful as Tyra's: Find your light!

Artist: Vermeer
"Girl Reading A Letter At An Open Window"

In this photos:
Vintage Ellen Tracy blazer (velvet photographs wonderfully!)
Bianchi for L.L. Bean belt
H&M blouse
Thrifted knit skirt

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