Friday, August 20, 2010

paper bag

Finally found a flattering pair of high-waisted, pleated pants. You know, the ones with the paper bagging. They're usually too puffy, so I think the key to fitting these is buying them a size down. Of course, then you run the risk of them not fitting perfectly in the legs. I've had to break mine in, but at least they looked good. No pain no gain!

I feel like I should be stock-piling for Fall. I'm worried I will never have good lighting, so maybe I should come up with a whole bunch of outfits for Fall and Winter, shoot them in advance and then post a couple every week. I'm laughing now.

In these pictures:
Obey Coat
H&M pants
American Apparel Leotard
Madden Girl pumps (again)
Target flats
Thrifted silk belt


Collette Osuna said...

Love the pants, they look gorgeous on you....and that jacket is awesome...very cool lining:)

Anonymous said...

The lining on the jacket is a nice touch too.

Lola Flash said...

I'm really struggling to find a pair that looks good. I have bought 3 already and they've gone right back to the shop. I gave up and went for cargo jeans instead on Friday.

Thanks for your comment about my shoes on weardrobe.

Great blog btw!

silviasiantar said...

hey you are so beautiful. amazing style.

following your blog now


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