Monday, August 30, 2010

To the nines

I'm trying to remember the details of a memory I have. It's only a couple years old, I was maybe 22 or 23. I remember being downtown somewhere; an urban setting. I could have been in San Francisco visiting my mom or in London visiting friends. What I know for sure was that I walked past a stately old woman. She was one of those women who seem almost ageless, or like she had been one age for all of eternity. She had a strong, important gate, and walked easily in her heels. Dressed all in black and fur, with a pillbox hat and a clutch, she was wearing her best; the outfit she saved for shopping downtown. She is what I think of when I see fur stoles. Her presence is hard to place in a real time and place, but she is a charmed memory.

In this series:
Antique rabbit fur stole
GAP Cardigan
Vintage polka-dot top
Thrifted belt
J. Crew wool pencil skirt
Madden Girl pumps
GAP clutch
Vintage cuff


Anthea said...

Amazing outfit! Very chic!

Embracing Style

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE THIS.classy and look gorgeous!

Kara said...

Have to say this has to be one of my favourites (if not my favourite) outfit from you! I honestly love every piece head to toe! Especially the skirt, stole and coat...oh and the shoes!
I lovee seeing stylish older women exactly like you described. I aspire to still be dressing like that when I am 70!! :)

Katrya Kyla said...

I love how the stole looks like an actual part of the cardigan upon first glance. Love this!

mary louise said...

you have the absolute cutest hair i have ever seen. definitely followed. check mine out! i think you'll like it

Sarah Justine said...

wowwwww. I love this look! So classic and well put together. Thank you so much for commenting :) I love your blog!

Haiku Ambulance said...

This is so insanely gorgeous I can barely stand it.

This is an outfit that makes someone (me, an onlooker) scream like they're watching Elvis perform live for the first time.


And such a beautiful half/memory to go along with it.

Again: YOW.


Unknown said...

LOL you guys leave amazing comments!!


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