Monday, September 6, 2010


One last hurrah: a day at the beach. It was rather melancholy as it was my first visit of the entire summer. I think it is shameful if you live in the Puget Sound region and don't make it down to the beach during the summer. Shame on me.

My beach visit reinforced my preference for cotton pencil skirts. So comfortable and practical, with the perfect amount of stretch. They make for easy outfits and look so much more put-together than shorts. And let's not forget how perfect they convert for Fall! The thin cotton is perfect for layering, and I would suggest you try doubling up with two skirts. The one I have on is from American Apparel, and is perfect for the double skirt combo. They have so many colors and the waist band folds down nicely so you can have two skirts of varying length. If American Apparel is not in your budget, then Forever21 should be your next stop. They have great cotton skirts for around $6. They're a few inches shorter than American Apparel's, but aren't scandalous. I wear them to my nanny job even! Anyway, at $6 it's worth it, even if you just want to experiment with them.

In this shot:
Sun hat from GAP
Tank top from H&M
Pencil Skirt from American Apparel


Collette Osuna said...

Cute sun hat!!!!

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miss annie said...

the sun hat is really cute and your blog is so adorable!

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