Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I found it in a dream. A Goodwill dream. It was $15.

Anyway! The pluses: it's 100% wool, vintage; has pockets, stirrups and a Donna Karan label. The subtracty-signs: it's 100% wool, has a hole in the back I didn't notice, and the stirrups might rip off. I apologize for the lighting, but the suit is actually brown, not black. It was sunny today, but not sunny enough to provide proper lighting, so I lost all the details in my photos.

On the subject of pantsuits, THANK GOD Cycle 14 of America's Next Top Model is over and along with it (cross your fingers) Tyra's pantsuit craze. Who ever does visual concept and styling for the show should not let Tyra do her own styling. Actually, I imagine Tyra is in charge of all of that but someone really should have sat her down and said "Look Hun, I know you are like a supermodel and all but isn't one pantsuit enough? Ok, you can choose two, but only two!" And they were the weirdest, most unflattering pantsuits.

I promise I will stop at two pantsuits, and if I happen to find another, even MORE amazing one, I will get rid of one of my other pantsuits. As cool as they are right now, pantsuits are quite quirky. One season they may seem awesome, and the next a bit of a joke. But get the right fit and Oh! how sleek! As quick and easy as a dress (insta-outfit) but warm enough for Fall and Winter. Yay, pantsuits.

In other news, I can't stop reading The Oatmeal. It's comics by a guy from Seattle and it's hee-larr-ee-us.

As much as I love the photo collage up-top, it was mostly posted for vanity's sake (I have a fashion blog, you have to be vane to some degree). The main problem I have with it though is that it doesn't technically have a full-length shot in it. I fretted all night and composed in my sleep and promised my dog, Frida, that I would remedy everything in the morning. Here's the photo.

In these photos:
Donna Karen pantsuit
H&M scarf (last year's model)
Madden Girl pumps
vintage belt
Earrings by me


Collette Osuna said...

LOVE your pantsuit....and the way you used the scarf is really awesome!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy I stalk Zoe because I found you through her blog.
I love your look and hair (hurrah short blonde haircuts)

Kara said...

yes for pantsuits!! i need more in my life and this one is absolute perfection! maybe minus the wool because I find it itchy. Kind of thought I was allergic to wool until last year when I bought a gorgeous sweater and convinced myself not to itch...guess it was in my head all I digress.

You always have such great thrifting finds! You should do a post on how to be an effective thrifter! :)


Anonymous said...

I meant to write more... I'm not sure why I didn't!
2) I meant to tell you I used to stalk you on chictopia. then i stopped updating my chictopia regularly (its so time consuming to put everything in the blog then write it ALL OVER AGAIN elsewhere)
3) well I guess I really only had 2 things to say. I'm down for IFBSBH. But it would have to be pronounced as a word, not an abreviation. That's my only condition.


Haiku Ambulance said...

Catie Catwoman!

I love it!!

And, it is so funny that you reminded me of my hatred for all of Tyra's jumpsuits. The first time I was like, "Ooo, nice one Tyra!" And then I was like, "seriously, woman. Stop it. Your ass. Is. Not. Working."

So, yeah. I'm glad to relive that because I probably would have forgotten.

I also really wish that I could see the brown in this, I bet it is just screamingly chic.

Love. It.


Julia said...

What a great find! It look stunning on you :)
I have to agree, Tyra has worn some pretty tragic things on that show.

Thank you for your comment, you made my day xo

RedPoppy said...

Love your whole look! That scarf is so fab xo

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