Friday, October 22, 2010

New Feature: COVET.

Introducing my new, weekly feature: COVET. Every week (hopefully) I will feature a new lust-worthy item. Mostly I will focus on beautiful, high-quality items that I cannot afford, or won't ever own for some other reason (unless I steal them, hence the title!).

Now for my first Covet. item: Zip Leather Gloves by J. Crew. I've been thinking about these gloves since I saw them the store Downtown. They are not completely unaffordable, but I can't bring myself to spend $98 on them, and I would feel guilty if someone spent that much on them for say Christmas or something. I think it comes down to visuals, but I can't justify something that small costing $98.

Now that I've whined about the price enough, let me tell you how amazing they are! They are nice leather. Nice. The softest leather you have felt since you pawed at that Miu Miu bag in Barney's. Buttery soft, the way leather should be. The inside is lined with cashmere and the zipper is, get this, gold-plated. I am going to assume that means actual gold, but since gold-plated items usually aren't stamped there's no way I can guarantee they don't simply mean "fancy gold-colored metal plated." But it is J. Crew and they are $98, so it's probably real gold. Now I really want them. Maybe if I just keep telling myself "At least they are not $680 Hermes gloves!" then I will feel OK about $98.

Zip Leather Gloves by J. Crew, $98


Collette Osuna said...

These are great gloves...nothing like a pair of warm, buttery gloves in the Winter...they would match everything!!

LOVE them:)

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Anonymous said...

Catie--visually, they are beautiful gloves. Then, when you described the cashmere lining...I could definitely understand the weakness. Keep your eye on them. Maybe they will be more affordable after Christmas

Kara said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gloves!! I understand the sticker shock too but I think gloves are definitely an essential and timeless piece to invest in.

Love this new feature! :)


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