Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I needed more red in my life, so I bought this sweater. It's thin, but I like sweaters that way. I like to think I will layer them one of these days, when it is extra cold outside.

Other colors I need more of:
Forrest green

What colors do you feel are missing from your life?

I feel that the majority of my posts are about colors. They are the most obvious aspect of a piece of clothing, so it makes them easy to write about.

Lately, I've really been enjoying my brooches. Turns out I have quite a few; most of them never worn. I seem to be missing my favorite. It is a bug, but not a real bug. It's sterling silver with a green amber body. I got it for my 17th or 18th birthday. The one in the pictures is real, its exoskeleton being affixed to a gold body, and is of the genus Chrysochroa. I'm not sure which species though. We have similar beetles here that are in the same family, Buprestidae, but they are around 1/2 inch long, instead of 1 1/2 inches. I can't recall where exactly I find this pin; probably in my dad's things or at an estate sale.

In these photos:
GAP wool sweater
American Apparel Harem Pants
Rabbit Fur Stole
Madden Girl heels
MAC lipstick


Collette Osuna said...

LOVE your bug,...and your red:)

I need a bit more red in my life too, theres something about the extra added color that makes you smile:)

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C said...

That IS the best brooch ever! And this is the second blog I've commented on this morning that talked about bright vibrant red. I think I need more of that in my life!

dcresider said...

I can't remember if I posted here but love your outfits. Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Catie--I tend to think about color first. You already know that I love your green bug...and actually it is that brilliant green I've been thinking I need more of in my wardrobe. And perhaps some true blue.

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