Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So one hundred years ago I blogged about getting ready for a wedding in Texas. Now I am really old and have finally found pictures from that wedding. I would like to share them with you all :)

I decided on the dress Trevor's mom had given me. It used to belong to Trevor's grandmother, Letty. She has trouble getting around now, so the wedding photographer took some Prom-style pictures of me and my boyfriend, so she could see the dress. The reason I didn't post these sooner is that the photographer wanted $12 a print!! Luckily, the bride posted them on her Facebook, so I just saved them to my computer. That's all I really wanted to do anyway. I don't need hard copies. I have a nice print of me at the plantation, and that's all I need. It will probably be sent to my dad for Christmas.

Anyway, the dress. It's about 50 years old and was purchased in Bermuda. Letty decided she MUST have it when she noticed another navy wife eyeing it at the commissary. Mallory, Trevor's sister, used it for dress-up when she was little, and now it has been handed down to me. The lace bodice is the most perfect aged beige. I'm not totally sure it was ever perfectly white, though. I felt so classically feminine. I wore pearls and pink lipstick :)

This picture cracks me up. So far, the majority of people who have seen it immediately go "Douche." Even me. It's in the most loving of ways though! He looked pretty slick :) Got his hair cut and his beard shaved and topped it all off with those sweet Ray Bans and a skinny American Apparel tie.

In these photos:
Vintage dress
Vintage belt
New Look wedges
Michael Kors jacket
American Apparel tie & shirt
Ray Ban "Boyfriend" sun glasses


Anonymous said...

Catie--the dress looks like it was MADE for you. Beautiful color, but I want to know what grandma thought of the pic.

Kirstin said...

Oh my goodness, you are so lucky she gave that to you! It is such a beautiful dress! Every detail is amazing:)

Collette Osuna said...

Gorgeous dress....love the color on you hunnie:)

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Dial V for Vintage said...

What a stunning dress, you look very pretty ! :)

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Wow what a score getting that dress it is beautiful and fits you perfectly. Beautiful photo of you both.

Emily said...

I love this dress. I love it even more because of the story! that's amazing. I have some of my moms old dresses but she was so tiny they barely fit. I wish there were more heirloom dresses hanging around in my or my bf's homes.
12$... WOW that sucks. thank god for crackbook!

dcresider said...

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DRESS! The color is amazing.

Unknown said...

You're dreamy! What a cute couple!

Marguerite said...

Oh, this dress is so beautiful -you look absolutely lovely in it!!!

RedPoppy said...

Absolutely perfect! by the way you remind me so much of gorgeous Carey Mulligan in this photo. and love the 'douche' comment. he looks fab too.
xoxoxo RedPoppy

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