Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Too much J. Crew

I've been using J.Crew catalogs for a lot of my snowflakes and I think it's starting to get ingrained. I keep having this urge to wear layers of sweaters and baggy things, topped with gaudy jewelry. Sweatpants and heels keep coming to mind as well. You so crazy, J.Crew.

I wore this to my friend's birthday party. We had hors d'oeuvres and everyone brought wine, because after a while you realize it is the cheapest and quickest way to get drunk, while looking classy and grown up the whole time. Wine + Good People= Fantabulous time.

One thing I should point out: my outfit is not vegan. I think I am wearing four different kinds of animals. I just bought the cashmere (goat) hat at J.Crew for $20. Such a great color AND easily seen in the snow, just in case we have another blizzard. The rabbit fur stole has been featured before, as has the sheep's wool jumpsuit, and the leather Vince Camuto boots. Yup, that's four. Thanks Creatures, have a nice evening!

Hopefully, after all this borrowing of fur and hair (I plan to give it all back of course), I will be warm for once. The cold always finds its way under my layers.

In these photos:
Vince Camuto boots
Donna Karan jumpsuit
J.Crew hat
Forever21 skirt

Monday, December 6, 2010

CRAFT: Waxed Paper Snowflakes

I present to you, my favorite busy-work craft: paper snowflakes!!
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I wax mine to help preserve them! This means they are stiffer, less likely to tear, and can either be taped to a window or hung in a tree.

To start, you will need the following:
1. Recycled or decorative paper. The thicker it is, the harder it is to fold, so I recommend notebook paper or equivalent weight. Catalog pages & origami paper work well!
2. Sharp, pointy scissors
3. A pencil
4. Some string or thread
5. Old candles
6. Old pan
7. Chopstick or other stick that is good for poking
8. Tin foil
9. Glitter, to taste
diy, craft, snowflakes, paper, seattle, lifestyle, holiday, fleur d'elise, recycle

Then follow these steps:
Cut a square from your paper and fold it into a triangle 3 times. The picture shows four but that's because I fold one corner over and then the next so I get a good crease. It's still just three times.

Make sure the opening is at the top and cut the top into a rounded shape.

Draw a pattern onto one side and start cutting!
diy, craft, snowflakes, paper, seattle, lifestyle, holiday, fleur d'elise, recycle

diy, craft, snowflakes, paper, seattle, lifestyle, holiday, fleur d'elise, recycle

(Next part of project is NOT KID FRIENDLY)
I really like my snowflakes and want them to be immortal, so I dip them in wax. This is obviously where the candle wax comes in. Start by melting the wax in the old pan on low heat. My stove's settings are 1 thru 10, so I usually put it on 2 or 3. Get a sheet of tin foil ready on the counter next to the stove. When the wax is completely melted, place your snowflake in the pan and push it down with your stick or pencil. Don't use something nice because it will be covered in wax.

diy, craft, snowflakes, paper, seattle, lifestyle, holiday, fleur d'elise, recycle, waxed
When it is completely saturated, carefully take it out of the pan with your stick and gently shake it above the pan to remove excess wax. Now set it on the tin foil to cool. If it gets stuck, just carefully pry it off using your fingernails. You may need to change the tin foil from time to time.

After it is cool, I usually dip it a second time to make sure it's really well coated. At this point you can decide whether to add glitter or not. Fine glitter works best. Simply dip the snowflake like you did before, but sprinkle with glitter before it cools.

If you plan on hanging your snowflakes or tying them to gifts, you can add a bit of thread or ribbon. If taped to a window, the tape can be easily removed.
diy, craft, snowflakes, paper, seattle, lifestyle, holiday, fleur d'elise, recycle

diy, craft, snowflakes, paper, seattle, lifestyle, holiday, fleur d'elise, recycle

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gather 'round class

It's time for sharing!

Time to rethink this ol' blog. As much as I love changing outfits and posting photos about my indecision, it's high time I share my other hobbies and thingies that I'm fond of. I wasn't sure exactly where this blog would go when I started it, but I definitely believed that, at some point, it would involve my craftiness.

I've been changing outfits since I figured out how to open a dresser door. The next things I learned to do were drawing and making. Again, thanks mom, for the things you subjected me to as a child. Subscriptions of Victorian Magazine and Martha Stewart cookbooks were always around. My mom made Croquembouche for my sister's baptism, which is a bit higher than I aim, but inspirational nonetheless. Anyhoo, Martha Stewart's beautiful creations are cemented deep in my memory (and of course, I have a subscription).

My point IS, I'm gonna start blogging about the stuff I make! I am more prolific in the Winter, so it makes sense. Fashion in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall, and crafts and as much fashion as I can fit in, during the dreary months.

A How-To post is coming very soon :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No excuse

I've been busy. The light is terrible. They'll just turn out crappy. It's too cold. I'm too tired. Etcetera.

I need to get back on the ball, even if all the photos have to be taken in my bedroom with my shitty flash. I will just have to pretend I'm in an American Apparel photo shoot (look forward to my new section "Catie Exploited!" Joking). Also, lets not even mention the fact that I forgot about posting last weeks Covet. Oh, and the week before. Ok, so I guess I do have an excuse for last week, but not for any other weeks. I'm blathering.

Anyway, it's cold here still. Above freezing, but so damp and chilly. Layering is key. I decided I needed more long sleeves in my life so I went and found some deals at a local thrift store. I bought the featured GAP turtleneck and a Merino turtleneck from Express's Design Studio (or something) for a whopping $7 total. Pretty sweet deal. I bought new earrings (that you can't really see) from one of my favorite local jewelry designers. The company is called Crow&Iris and they have a table at the Fremont Sunday Market, although this is not where I originally discovered their goods. The first pair of Crow&Iris earrings were purchased at Meadow, which I've mentioned before. They are one of my favorite pairs of earrings, so I was really excited to meet the designers.

Hope everyone has had a good start to their Holiday Season!

In these photos:
GAP turtleneck
American Apparel dress
Vintage leggings
Vince Camuto boots
Crow&Iris earrings
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