Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gather 'round class

It's time for sharing!

Time to rethink this ol' blog. As much as I love changing outfits and posting photos about my indecision, it's high time I share my other hobbies and thingies that I'm fond of. I wasn't sure exactly where this blog would go when I started it, but I definitely believed that, at some point, it would involve my craftiness.

I've been changing outfits since I figured out how to open a dresser door. The next things I learned to do were drawing and making. Again, thanks mom, for the things you subjected me to as a child. Subscriptions of Victorian Magazine and Martha Stewart cookbooks were always around. My mom made Croquembouche for my sister's baptism, which is a bit higher than I aim, but inspirational nonetheless. Anyhoo, Martha Stewart's beautiful creations are cemented deep in my memory (and of course, I have a subscription).

My point IS, I'm gonna start blogging about the stuff I make! I am more prolific in the Winter, so it makes sense. Fashion in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall, and crafts and as much fashion as I can fit in, during the dreary months.

A How-To post is coming very soon :)


Anonymous said...

Catie--I look forward to this new thrust in your blog and remember enjoying earrings made by you from a previous post.

C said...

Sounds like a great idea! I love when bloggers write and post about the things they love, so I'm excited to read your stuff about what you make. :)

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