Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Too much J. Crew

I've been using J.Crew catalogs for a lot of my snowflakes and I think it's starting to get ingrained. I keep having this urge to wear layers of sweaters and baggy things, topped with gaudy jewelry. Sweatpants and heels keep coming to mind as well. You so crazy, J.Crew.

I wore this to my friend's birthday party. We had hors d'oeuvres and everyone brought wine, because after a while you realize it is the cheapest and quickest way to get drunk, while looking classy and grown up the whole time. Wine + Good People= Fantabulous time.

One thing I should point out: my outfit is not vegan. I think I am wearing four different kinds of animals. I just bought the cashmere (goat) hat at J.Crew for $20. Such a great color AND easily seen in the snow, just in case we have another blizzard. The rabbit fur stole has been featured before, as has the sheep's wool jumpsuit, and the leather Vince Camuto boots. Yup, that's four. Thanks Creatures, have a nice evening!

Hopefully, after all this borrowing of fur and hair (I plan to give it all back of course), I will be warm for once. The cold always finds its way under my layers.

In these photos:
Vince Camuto boots
Donna Karan jumpsuit
J.Crew hat
Forever21 skirt


Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the red:)

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Anonymous said...

And what is the Donna Karan made of it? The sweep of that skirt is what catches my eye!

Unknown said...

The Donna Karan jumpsuit is 100% wool. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies :)

Isabel Hendrix said...

cute look!!

Collette Osuna said...

Where are you Sweets? Hope all is well...miss you!!
Happy New Year!!!

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Sarah {Raving Fashionista} said...

LOVE that hat and that skirt! Fabulous!!


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