Friday, January 28, 2011


Wide-leg trousers: Check!

I've been eyeing these trousers at H&M for a while now. I'm still not totally convinced they are the most flattering fit for my figure, but I love the color and the texture. And the waist is so high! Plus, they were on clearance for $5. I have a weak spot for $5 pants. That's practically free!

Stay tuned for more items off my Wish List, as well as my very first contest!! I
will be giving away Wish List-inspired goodies :D

In these photos:
Trousers from H&M
Floral scarf from H&M
Zippered sweater from GAP


Collette Osuna said...

Im going to see if I cant snag a pair of these before the 30x30 look great in them:)

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Kirstin said...

What an amazing deal! They look amazing on you and you are kind of inspiring me for my new teacher wardrobe haha!

Anonymous said...

would you mind to visit me back? :)

Anonymous said...

the price is right and to my eye, the pants are very flattering.

Feathers said...

I love trousers, but I can never find any that fit. I love wide-leg trousers, but I feel ridiculous in them. Just another fashion conundrum...


(Your new chictopia friend)

C said...

I love those wide-leg pants! I want a pair!!

Unknown said...

LOVE YOUR CUTE little blog. You're style is vintage and classic all wrapped up. Quite nice.

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