Monday, January 24, 2011


Today's Covet. features one of the items off my Wish List for Spring: Wide-leg trousers.

Spring is about renewal and what better time to revisit an old classic. As much as I love and still wear all my skinny pants, sometimes I'm in the mood for some sophisticated slouch. Enter wide-leg trousers. They change up your silhouette and, if paired with the right heel, can make your legs look a mile long. The main requirement is that they fit well, of course. No gaping waists, and definitely try to avoid pants that fit too tightly on your thighs. These trousers should be the perfect balance of structured tailoring and "flowy" fabric. The loose fit of these pants also means they work well for summer too, as long as you buy them in cotton or linen. I really love the color and texture of these Joseph trousers, and hopefully I can find a similar pair that won't cost me $379. Another pair I can only ever dream of owning are the Balenciaga trousers Joanna Hillman wears in the picture below.

This picture of Ms. Hillman (who is a Senior Fashion Market Editor) is from her Wardrobe Diaries on . It illustrates exactly what I'm talking about. The pants look chic and in no way frumpy. With the help of on-trend accessories, she keeps the pants from looking outdated.

What's on your list for Spring?


Collette Osuna said...

Id totally love a pair of wide legged jeans too!! I saw an amazing pair in F21..they didnt have my size!!
Glad you are back..missed you!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

Anonymous said...

I don't have the wide-legged jeans. DH just got me a pair of jeggings...:(

Although I have slacks I'll feature on my blog next week that ARE wide-legged.

In your array of items, it's the rose earrings that catch my eye and they'd look so good with your coloring.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip Collette! I will have to go see if the store here has those jeans.

Terri, there is nothing wrong with jeggings! Except they have a silly name, haha. I will keep an eye out for your new blog :)

I really like those earrings too. I think they really bring everything together.

Emily said...

oh shit, those PANTS.

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