Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sping Wish List

I've come up with a list of all the things I want in my spring wardrobe. I compiled them in picture format, but will also list them in word format, which can be more specific.

First off, actual items:

1. Wide Leg Trousers (check)

2. A shirt dress (saw a beautiful one in black, but didn't get a chance to ask the girl where she bought it)

3. Tote bags

4. Tortoise shell accessories (I want these ALWAYS)

5. Cocoon coat

6. A classic watch

7. Heels of all sorts!

The following are also on my Wish List, but can come in the form of accessories, shoes, clothing, anything really:

1. Forest Green
2. Hearts
3. Chambray
4. Rusty pinks and corals
5. Contrasting patterns & colors

In the following weeks, I will be posting more Covet. articles (promise!) with items from my Wish List and, when money is available, collecting affordable versions to build my Spring wardrobe. At the end I will wear everything at once and be sooo fashionable that no one will even be able to fathom how fashionable I am!

1 comment:

Collette Osuna said...

Great picks.....I love the wedges and watch!

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