Friday, February 11, 2011

If you ask me...

Time for some good ol' fashioned product reviews! All based on personal experience; all from companies and stores I patronize regularly.

First off, Pajama Jeans! The hottest new thing in fashion!

JOKING. But really, when I'm watching The Today Show and that commercial comes on, my morning is a little bit sunnier.

I'm going to post this in two parts. We'll start with clothing and fashion, since I have more reviews in that category. Later, I will review Services and Beauty Products.


Pro: Great value (as I'm sure you've figured out)! The sizing makes sense and is pretty consistent from garment to garment. Most things are really well made, considering how much they cost.

Con: I have had the hem come out of 3 different items. I love their tank tops, but 2 out of 3 have come undone at the hem :(

-J. Crew-

Pro: They have gorgeous designers and great stylists. Somehow they know exactly what I'm into the week they send me a catalog. They usually have colors you can't find anywhere else. Their clothes last forever!

Con: The "vanity sizing" is BEYOND ridiculous. Example: I'm an 8 or so at H&M, but I am a SIZE 2 (!) at J.Crew. I have trouble finding things that fit, in the sales especially. I would not recommend buying pants there. They stretch out really badly. I've bought three different types; skinny denim and Minnie City Fit in a lighter twill and one pair in a heavier cotton fabric. The denim and the lighter twill stretched out to the point where I looked like I've lost 15 pounds. In my crotch. Seriously. The heavier ones have held up much better, but I still have to wash them often so they will shrink back into shape.

Pro: Surprising value and amazing selection (this is also sort of a con). Stuff is actually made pretty well. I've had some things for years now. Even a button-up blouse that I've never had to replace buttons on!

The return policy is dumb. You only have 21 days to exchange something, and you can only get store credit. They have soooo much stuff, it can be kind of overwhelming. I used to have panic attacks in Forever21. My friend had a seizure there once (but that may have been her fault). The sizing runs pretty small, so when I was a stylish heavy-set high schooler I couldn't shop there.

Pro: Good for basics. Sometimes they have some really good designs. The sales are great! Their jeans age perfectly. They don't stretch out like some jeans I know.

Con: Another place where the vanity sizing is getting out of control. I am not an XS. If I were, then there would be 5 million other woman who would not be able to find any clothes to wear, except for in the Toddler's section.

-Sam Edelman-
Pro: Sometimes the designs are pretty cute.

Con: I have only bought one pair of Sam Edelman shoes, but I have had 3 different pairs of the same style. The first pair was the wrong size (not Sam's fault), the second pair dyed my feet green, and the third pair came unglued after a month. Based on this experience, I've decided that I will never pay full price for a pair of Edelman's ever again. (Thank goodness I bought them at Nordstrom; they have an excellent return/repair policy, which I will get to later.)

-Urban Outfitters-
Pro: Fun stuff! They usually have a lot of trendy pieces. Great selection of store brands and name brands. I really like their selection of shoes and haven't had many problems when it comes to quality. I have two pairs of Cooperative wedges that I live in.

Con: I like to call this place "The Fifty-Eight Dollar and Up Store". Things are kiiinda overpriced.

-American Apparel-
Pro: Amazing choice and variety. You want something basic and sensible? They have it! You want something crazy and different? They have that, too, and everything in between! Great selection of colors, sizes, and styles. Have never had any hems or seams come out and the colors stay vibrant for a long time. Everything keeps its shape, despite the fact that most is cotton!

Con: Another dumb return policy! Store credit only :( Sometimes I have a hard time paying $18 for a t-shirt.

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Miriam said...

Great post! I agree with all of your reviews :D And I looove the outfit in between, the blazer and maxi skirt are such an unexpectedly fab combination!
M xo

minnja said...

Great post :))

Anonymous said...

Catie--I REALLY like today's look. Can't really comment on any of these retailers as ALL of my stuff is thrifted. But, that said, I DO look for certain labels when I'm thrifting--Banana Republic and Anne Taylor clothing tends to hold up really well.

Collette Osuna said...

Love everything about this outfit..super dooper chic:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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LyddieGal said...

I have to agree that the vanity sizing at some stores is really getting out of control. I wonder what actual small people wear. And I wonder why gap refuses to think that anyone would ever want to wear a skirt at their natural waist. Everything is cut to sit lower, so I'll buy a size zero (which is the craziest thing ever) and wear it on my waist.

Urban... I have a love hate with them, and Antho as well. I love it all and can't afford a thing until it's been marked down 10 times.

Unknown said...

Very good post ! I love your blog ! I am a fan now on Chictopia ! I don't want to miss anything from you :)
Want to be a fan too ?
I have a blog too where i talk about my family life also.
I agree with the sizes and J crew.
Happy Valentine's day !

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