Thursday, February 17, 2011


More product reviews are coming. Promise! But for now, look! I found some purple that suits me! I rarely buy anything in purple. I don't really like it, and a lot of shades don't look right on me, but I really liked the style of this dress, and it turned out to be a nice shade on me. Plus, it was a steal at Goodwill :)

Are there any colors you don't like? I've always thought it was quite funny that I hated purple, even though I LOVED colors in general. I have been known to swoon over almost every other color, but it's a rare thing with purple.

Speaking of purple, I'm roasting some beets, which I should probably go check on :)

In these photos:
Vintage velvet blazer
American Apparel dress
Urban Outfitters tights
Vince Camuto boots


minnja said...

Looove it !!!

Monica said...

these boots are really amazing. I love them with the tights. ALso, im not sure if you ever get this, but you really look like Carrie Mulligan- so jealous, I love her. Im following your blog now, love for you to do the same!

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit! The dress is really great, and I love the tights!
it's really funny - purple is the love of my life! I don't like wearing orange, although I like looking at it in the countryside, or interiors :)

Francesca said...

this is a great shade of purple i must agree. it's sort of eggplant-ish :)

F. ( x

LivingTheVogue said...

super cute combo I love this purple on you! the boots are very nice as well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

oooo nice and wintery colors!! love that pop of purple :) love the tights too!! great blogpost!

ps: would love to meet you one day!!

Anonymous said...

I'm cautious about purple myself, but this combo looks wonderful. I love beets too...but rarely roast them myself because I stain everything pink.

Anonymous said...

i had beets for dinner tonight! So yummy - purple is actually my favourite colour - but for some reason i hardly ever buy/wear it either - i don't know why!

xo denj

Unknown said...

You are so pretty !!! You have a timeless beauty !! Amazing !
I am French, I was born in Paris and my parents are French.
I am married to an American and our kids are half French !!!
I am so glad you keep your Heritage !
Do you go back to France and visit ?
Have a great week end !

Kirstin said...

Beautiful tights! Your interview for Self-portrait Sundays is up on my blog today!

Miriam said...

Ohh you look so gorgeous in this shade of purple! Love the tights too :D
I tend to stay away from pink, and most pastel colours, although I've been trying to ease them in lately! Orange is another big one, but I'm slowly getting more of that too!
M xo

Unknown said...

I've suddenly become totally addicted to pink! Not sure why. I'm the same with pastels, but only because they're not as slimming as dark colors, and I get washed out because of my coloring. I like orange, but not as clothing!

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