Friday, February 25, 2011


Yesterday was like living in a snow-globe, except for the part where I was sick with worry about my doggy. It snowed all day, but never really stuck; the air was just filled with fine white flakes that floated off to somewhere else. Seattle only had a light dusting, but other towns up north got over 12 inches! My mom lives about 60 miles south of me, and she got 6 inches. The panic that sets in here in Seattle gets worse and worse every time we have snow.

Today it is blindingly sunny. That type of sunny that always comes with below-freezing temperatures. I'll take it though! My dog is feeling better, and could now open up a small drug store, which might be a good idea as she now owes me $200. They're not quite sure what she is sick from, but I'm still waiting on some test results. Thanks for all your kind words :)

As for this outfit, I just looove the colors. I think I'm going to start building my entire wardrobe around reds and blues. I painted a little heart on my cheek that my boyfriend says is "too precious" to wear everyday. I agree with him, but I like it so much I might wear it once a week.

The blouse is a vintage Wrangler that I can't bare to part with, even though it is two sizes too big for me. It's such a treasure.

In These Photos:
J.Crew Cardigan
Wrangler Blouse
J.Crew Cashmere Hat
Zella Leggings
New Look Wedges
GAP Clutch


Baby Budget Blog said...

Beautiful shirt! Love the color combo!

Feathers said...

Hasn't the snow this week been weird? We got about an inch or two up where I live (Bellingham), but all my friends in nearby towns got dumped on! Love love love your horse shirt. It's funny, I'm wearing a thrifted vintage button-up that's too big for me also, but I'm going to try and sell mine in my etsy store.


Collette Osuna said...

OK....LOVE LOVE that shirt....I couldnt find one if I hunted every store,lol...great are rocking it girlie!!!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Anonymous said...

I understand why you can't part with the shirt. The little heart is precious.

But why does the snow worry you so? I love the image of living inside a snow globe.

Unknown said...

Oh Terri, thank you for pointing that out! I was alluding to the fact that my dog was sick, but if you missed yesterday's post then you would have no idea. I will correct this :)

Kristin Wyly said...

oh my gosh. The idea of a little dog pharmacist is too cute for words. I love this outfit!

Unknown said...

I guess she would mostly be a little dog pill-pusher, since it's hard to get licensed when you're a dog, but it would still be cute.

Gisele Kitagawa said...

so cute!

This Charming Style said...

i think the blouse is so pretty, and the colours are all perfect together! the heart looks so cute too :)

I hate snow, and i really hope your dog gets better!


Unknown said...

Dear CityOfBugs,
I realized I do not know your actual name. Also, I didn't know Portsmouth was in Hampshire, I fail at being english. 7 months in hampshire was obviously not enough time.

Thank you for your comment :) I just wish it would decide whether it wants to snow or not! At least give me an excuse to not go to work!

Unknown said...

Hope your cutie pie recovers fast.
I love the red and blue too.
You are such a beauty ! XOXO

Miriam said...

The heart IS so precious! What a great, fun addition to an already sweet outfit! Love the horse-printed shirt, I'd keep it forever too :D
Glad to hear doggy is getting better! Hahaha hopefully she gets on paying you back ;)
M xo

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

goodness you're adorable. I love your top and little heart sticker.

My dad did civil war reenactments too! So cool! Thanks for your amazing comment that you left me at my blog.

oomph. said...

fabulous shirt! i need me an animal shirt! and i like the soft blue!

Anonymous said...

the shirt is awesome, loving it!

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