Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coast to Coast

Oh man, what a tiring trip. It wasn't long enough to fully relax and get into the swing of things. It was just go! go! go! Trevor and I were in Baltimore Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then took the bus to New York Sunday afternoon. Then we had to take the bus back on Monday to catch our flight out of Baltimore!

On Saturday, Trevor was the best man in his best friend's wedding. We spent most of the weekend preparing for this; running errands, setting up, partying with lots of old friends. It was a gorgeous wedding and quite possibly the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. We all partied till very, very late. When the photographer posts the photos, I will post some of my outfit. I maybe some of the bride, if she gives me permission. She's amazingly gorgeous and one of those people who is friends with everyone. I could gush about her all day.

I love the East Coast, and I'm sad I didn't get to spend more time there. We had planned to spend all day in NYC on Sunday, but missed the bus because I was sick in the morning. Thank goodness it was short lived, and we made it to Manhattan by 7pm, but then had no time to go to Uniqlo. We were really looking forward to this, but it's probably good we didn't make it, since we were pretty much hemorrhaging money.

We had dinner and drinks with a bunch of friends on the Lower East Side. We have friends who moved to Brooklyn last fall and another group of friends were visiting them. It was perfect timing! Dinner was enjoyed at CultureFix, which is a great little bar/gallery run by Trevor's distant cousin. The service was great and the food was delicious and affordable!

I had really hoped to wear this outfit while there. It's so easy and simple and perfect for warm weather. When I left Seattle, it was 60 and sunny. Not so on the East Coast. The weather was sunny, dry, and really cold. The wind was awful; I hate wind. We had better weather than I had expected, but lots of layering was required at all times.

What a whirlwind trip. We took taxis, trains, buses, subways, airplanes, and cars. We ate grilled cheese on the Lower East Side, pizza in Manhattan, bagels in Baltimore, hot-dogs and pretzels in Chicago, and Starbucks in Seattle. We were in 6 states yesterday alone! It was pretty exciting :)

Well, now I am exhausted from just reliving the trip! I hope everyone is having a great week!

In this outfit:
Urban Outfitters shirt
Thrifted skirt
Aldo Flats
DIY scarf
Thrifted belt
H&M glasses


Collette Osuna said...

Love this chic outfit girl....NYC is my fav place..glad you felt better so you were able to enjoy yourself:)

Unknown said...

Yeah, I love it there! I was so tired and grumpy tho, lol. My poor friends and boyfriend.


mary louise said...

really great outfit. the trip sounds so busy! but fun :)


C said...

Sounds like an awesome trip, and I LOVE this simple outfit. So cozy and so totally chic!

Feathers said...

You know, I've been thinking about getting my hair cut really short again lately, and I've been trying to figure out how I would explain what I want. Turns out, I want exactly your hair. So future me (the one that is getting her hair cut in like six months) is psyched to about your hair. Present me also loves your hair, actually.

Anonymous said...

Did it make you appreciate home? I always think that's the best part about travel.

The Hearabouts said...

Aw, cute glasses! And pretty pretty outfit, I love maxi.

The Hearabouts

Kara said...

Loving the simplicity of this outfit, lady! And those glasses are beyond chic and just plain awesome!! :)


Jon & Laurel said...

I would be flattered if you posted photos of the wedding!

You are so good looking all of the time.

mispapelicos said...

Lovo your hair and your style Catie.
I had to say it to you.
Have a grand day.

Thick Threads said...

Gotta love the heartshaped glasses! :D


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