Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I would like to own everything in this Polyvore set, but most of all I want the beautiful green Longchamp 'Roseau' Tote that floats in the midst of all the other lovelies.

The deep, forest green of this bag may, at first, bring to mind Christmas, but for me it's the color of Spring here in Washington. Everything is such a deep, saturated green, and will stay that way until July. Despite all the rain we get, we have strangely dry summers. The grass dies every year, but at least the Douglas Firs keep their color.

This tote bag covers two of the categories on my Spring Wish List: Forest Green and Tote Bags. It's available at Nordstrom.com and costs a mere $400! Completely out of my budget. Forever. I will see you in my dreams, Roseau Tote.


Collette Osuna said...

Love the tote....its GORG!!!

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Miriam said...

Oooh great picks! I love the dress and the sunglasses and the leopard heels...
Maybe if you visualize that bag enough, a reasonable substitute will pop up at a much lower price ;)
M xo

Cee said...

Oh my goodness, that tote is just too gorgeous for words! It's very similar to one I've been coveting from Kate Spade, but the green shade makes it even more lovely. The lime green pumps are fabulous, too.

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