Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion Victim

Good news, my foot is all better! The bad news is that it can be blamed on heels, for the most part.

I gave in and went to the doctor (with the help of my boyfriend). I didn't need x-rays, thank goodness, and the doctor only took 10 minutes to diagnose it. I have sesamoiditis, which is an inflammation in a very tiny bone in the ball of my foot, the sesmoid. These bones are found in a few places in your body and serve the purpose of protecting tendons that are located over major joints (your patella is another sesmoid). It's a common injury among dancers and anyone who spends lots of time on the balls of their feet. Anyway, my high arches, prior injury, high heels, and tripping all played a part in the pain I was experience. Mostly though, my doctor told me to stop wearing heels, which officially makes me a victim of fashion :(

I can't promise to stop wearing heels, but I can take better care of my feet, and I want to encourage you to as well! Who wants to have old-lady feet at the age of 26?? I went out immediately and bought insoles with arch support. The relief was pretty much instant. I haven't worn heels out of the house in about 3 weeks and I don't plan to until the 26th, when I have a wedding to go to. I think this will give my foot enough time to heal properly.

More tips:
1. Wear insoles in any shoes they will fit in! Full-foot or 3/4-foot insoles are the best options.

2. Take a break from heels every once in a while. Platforms are a better option as they provide more padding, but they can cause problems in other areas of your feet and body.

3. If you have localized pain in one or both feet, don't ignore it. Achy feet are common after a long day, but pay attention to what kind of pain you are feeling. One of my symptoms was this feeling that there was a lump in my foot. Not a normal achy foot!

4. An ibuprofen does wonders for any kind of inflammation!

Feet are important! Remember, they don't heel as quickly as other parts of your body, because it's harder to rest them properly. You need to use them everyday for the rest of your life, so take care of them!

I am eating toast and Marmite :D Sooo good!

In these photos:
Vintage Nordstrom Merino Sweater
American Apparel Biker Shorts
Aldo Flats


Kirstin said...

Awe that's horrible, hope your feet feel better after a little bit of rest from heels! I love the combo of black and brown you have here, such a refreshing colour combo!

Miriam said...

Oh dear, glad that you know what's wrong with your foot now and that you can take steps to heal it! I should take some of these tips too, I have high arches as well.
I really love this sweater, it looks great with those shorts!
M xo

Libby said...

Well I'm glad that you found out what's wrong with your foot and that it's not something more serious!

Jon & Laurel said...

I'm glad your feet feel better, but Marmite makes me wanna puke!

I am so thrilled to see you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your foot is feeling better. I rarely wear a heel over 3" because even in my twenties, the change from heels during the day to flats in the evening tended to give my legs charley horses!

Collette Osuna said...

Glad you went to the dr and its nothing the black and brown together:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Live said...

This look is so Twiggy! (Without the anorexia-thing going on)
I think you look fantastic.

I never was one to wear heels that much, as I'm pretty tall already, but another tip is to wear wedges or platforms if you really HAVE to wear heels. A 5 inch heel isn't that hard on your feet with a 1,5 inch platform, hehe.

Feel better!


Aww this so like 60's with your hair and colours. love it. I think wedges or platforms are the answer for comfy and tallnes :)x

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