Monday, March 21, 2011


I want more skirts! Tulip skirts, full skirts, mini skirts, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, etc.

One day, when I'm not poor, I will buy this one skirt I saw at H&M. It's a full skirt in navy blue and comes to about my knees. It comes with a belt and is also available in red. I imagine myself wearing it on a bicycle made for two. Unfortunately, I would probably be riding that bike by myself, because my boyfriend would be too embarrassed to get on. I guess he could just meet me later at our imaginary picnic.

This is one of my favorite things about clothes: the day dreams they inspire :)

In these photos:
Vintage skirt
Vintage cashmere sweater
Chloe flats


Collette Osuna said...

I love your skirt.....great length:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Miriam said...

Oh, I love clothing day dreams! Yours made me giggle ;)
I've awarded you the Stylish and/or Versatile Blogger award, check it out!

M xo

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely look. I really like the print in the skirt. I started on my skirt kick last summer, but the tulip is one I haven't yet tried.

Kirstin said...

Awe, love what you wrote in this post. So cute! I am obsessed with skirts right now too. I want so many in the stores!

Unknown said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments and compliments! And a HUGE thank you to Mitzi for the award!! I am sooo flattered :D

Kara said...

LOVE this skirt!! Awesome vintage find!! haha and I hear ya- one day, when I'm also not poor lol, I fully intend on expanding my skirt collection and dress collection, etc. One day!


Thick Threads said...

I just love this skirt. It has so much flare to it, and you look so great wearing it! :D


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