Friday, April 29, 2011

Bored at a party

And now to talk about a different wedding! Finally got the photos from the matrimonial celebration Trevor and I went to last month. I think they turned out wonderful. Trevor thinks it's hilarious to look totally bored and uninterested in any photos we take together. It was pretty funny when the photographer, Brad Barnwell, actually suggested we take one like that. I usually look a little more put out, though.

So, did I talk about how long it took me to find an outfit for this? It was ridiculous and a little embarrassing. I was at H&M and J.Crew at least twice a week for about 5 weeks. I returned nearly everything, including the dress I ended up with. It was actually the first thing I bought :/ I would not be surprised if H&M put a block on my debit card.

Glad I ended up with this dress. It's really cute AND an item off my Spring Wish List: Chambray! I have more plans for it :) Trevor got his suit custom made at Thick As Thieves. He ordered it by email though, which meant I had to take his measurements. It was tedious. It's a pretty sharp suit and was under $500 (I think), so he might order another one.

Photographer: Brad Barnwell Check out his website!

This next photo is mine though :)

Yay! So happy!

My Outfit:
H&M dress
American Apparel Stockings

Trevor's Outfit:
Thick As Thieves suit
American Apparel dress shirt
Geoffrey Beene tie


Miriam said...

Great shots! I love the dress you ended up with :D
And that picture of the bride and groom is amazing, it would make an awesome present to them in a cool frame!
M xo

Unknown said...

oooh, good idea!! Thanks for commenting dear :)

Kirstin said...

Love these photos lady, you guys look so sassy! I love that wedding photo you took, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I like the dress you ended up with. The "bored" photo looks very similar to the tv watching party I attended bright and early this morning. Things were fine throughout the ceremony and then we nearly all fell asleep waiting for the kiss.

islabell said...

oh i love this outfit, the powder blue is perfect for your skin tone. We had a party at my house too. such fun!

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