Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh no.

Whoa. My foot is BAD. Going back to the doctor ASAP. My aunt suggested her friend, who is a refelxologist, but I think I may be past that point. I think I may need crutches and a brace. Yeah, that bad.

I would like to say "So I've been spending more time resting and sitting" but actually it's not that different from the usual :/ I guess I will just busy myself with some more Polyvore Sets. Such a wonderful time sucker. I am also going to make some cards, though, and fold laundry. Sooo exciting.

May I suggest checking out this blog ? It's the Blackbird Blog! Blackbird is one of my favorite boutiques in Seattle, and I know I've mentioned them at least once. Funny enough, I just noticed their latest post is thanking all the bloggers, websites, sandwich board painters, etc. who have featured their products!

Here is my latest Polyvore set! I think it's SO CUTE.


katherine said...

catie im sorry about your poor foot. you can come visit me and we can sit around and you can teach me to make jewelry. that wouldnt be stressful to your foot.

Anonymous said...

Catie--I pray that the doctor can do that foot some good the second time around. Baby it as much as possible.

Collette Osuna said...

Soooo sorry your foot is acting up again....poor thing:(
Keep us posted...crossing my fingers for you that its not such bad news.

Ashley said...

Your Polyvore sets are the best! I had no idea what Polyvore was until I saw yours. I want to spend some time playing on it...seems fun and quite addictive!

I hope your foot feels better!

Unknown said...

Thanks all. Your kind words definitely help :) Katherine, I can't even drive right now let alone walk to the bus and then to the ferry. Waaaah, I miss you!

Ashley, don't join Polyvore unless you are bed-ridden like me. It will suck your time away like a great big time-sucky thing!

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