Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#4 orange/coral

Orange & Coral lips were seen on many of the runways this spring, including Marc Jacobs and Nanette Lepore.

This shade is great because it works on a lot of skin tones. Warm oranges and corals bring out warm tones in anyone's skin! Also, similarly to the bright pink, it stands out so much that a lot coloring rules don't count anymore.

Try MAC's Morange or Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren. Pair with liquid liner and mascara for a bold & bright vintage look.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY Food

Let's make this:


You will need:
  • A bunch of pots, pans, bowls, dishes, utensils, etc.
  • A 10 oz. container of fresh garbanzo beans
  • Cooking oil
  • 1 small red onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 small lime
  • Salt & pepper
  • 1 can of refried black beans
  • 1 small tomato
  • 1 small avocado
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro, stems included
  • 2 tbsp Mexican queso fresco (see below for sources)
  • 2-4 sopes (see below for sources)
  • Radishes & hot sauce optional

(Makes about 2 servings)

Warning: Turmeric stains like crazy!

Step 1:
Shell the garbanzo beans. This is kind of time consuming, since there is usually only one bean in each pod, so it should be an activity you share with a friend. Otherwise you will spend 30 minutes talking to yourself while you pop garbanzos. Next, bring a pot of salted water to a boil and throw your shucked beans in. Boil them for 3 to 4 minutes and then drain.

Step 2:
Put about a tablespoon of cooking oil in a saute pan and place over medium heat. While the pan is heating up, slice the onion into thin pieces. Add this to the pan when it is hot and stir to coat. While the onion cooks, slice your garlic cloves, but save for later. Optionally, you can just stick them in a garlic press when the time comes. When the onion is just starting to turn translucent, add the garbanzo beans. Stir. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes, stirring occasionally so they don't stick to the pan. Now add the turmeric, more oil if needed, salt and pepper, the garlic, and the juice of half of the lime. Turn down the heat and let cook while you prep the other ingredients.

Step 3:
Place the refried beans in a sauce pan over low-medium heat. Stir occasionally. Put a little more than a teaspoon of cooking oil in another saute pan and place over medium heat. This will be for the sopes.

Step 4:
All of the following ingredients will be prepped and set aside. Dice up the tomato, chop the cilantro, crumble the queso, and slice the rest of the lime, and the radish if you are using it.

Step 5:
The oil in the second saute pan should be hot by now, so now it's time to heat up our sopes. Fry for 3 minutes on each side.

Step 6:
Now to assemble! Take a hot sopes and spread a 1/4 to 1/2 inch layer of refried beans on it. The next layer is the garbanzo and onion mixture. I put about a half cup of this on my sopes, you may need less or more depending on the size of your sopes. Next, comes some tomato, a few slices of avocado, some cilantro, and queso. Garnish with a lime wedge and the optional radish.

Step 7:
Eat it!

The little radishes are from my mom's garden :) They are her first crop!

Sopes- They are like tortillas, but thicker. They vary in size. Mine are about 4 1/2 inches across, but I've had smaller ones at restaurants, so it depends on where you get them. I bought these at the mercado (Mexican grocery store) next to my apartment. I imagine they are available at most international food markets and mercados or you can make them yourself! Try this recipe!
Queso- This is a crumbly, mild cheese. It's considered a fresh or "farmer's" cheese. It's available in most supermarkets, but I like to buy it from the mercado, which means I can buy as little as I want, since they sell it by the pound. Queso fresco, queso blanco, queso panel, and oaxaca will all work.


The good news:
The duplex behind me has all these lovely flowers that sprout up everywhere. They're all well established and come back year after year. Two of my favorites, iris and poppy, are the most notable. There is one giant pink poppy that has probably a dozen buds on it. Then there are these little orange Icelandic poppies. They grow along the rockeries in the front and back. They are day-glow orange and so papery and delicate; photos don't do them justice. The irises bloom like clockwork every May.

The bad news:
Crime is getting more noticeable in my neighborhood :( I was actually interviewed by one of the local news channels today in regards to safety at the park where I got married. Then last Wednesday, I was awoken at 3am by ADT, because our office had been broken into. It's two doors down from my apartment, which made it easy to go talk to the police when they arrived. *Sigh*

Luckily, nothing was stolen; they just broke our door knob and smashed one of our windows with a HUGE rock. Honestly, the flood we had in January was worse than this.

Ok, enough of about that. I have decided to go on a clothing fast. No shopping for the month of June! No malls, no thrift stores, no boutiques, nothing! The past two months have been so spendy (wedding, after wedding,after wedding), that I will be in serious financial pain if I do not take a break from buying clothes.

It's time to work with what I have (which is about 5,000 skirts). For instance, I just bought this mini at H&M. Isn't it a cool color? It was $6. I also bought a great little lacy top that I hope to style soon.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

In these photos:
H&M mini skirt
Nordstrom Men's Shirt (cropped)
Cooperative wedges
Aldo bag
Vintage resin and shell pendant

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This just in!

Got hitched!

Not yet married! Don't look at the bride!

...Ok,now you can look.

On the bride (me, duh):
American Apparel leotard, sheer skirt, and petticoat. Flower from H&M and hair piece cut off dog's tutu and fastened with bobby-pin.

I was so thrilled to find my entire outfit at American Apparel, mostly because I really wanted this skirt! The fact that it is completely sheer made me a little cautious to wear it to my wedding, but with the help of my lovely sister-in-law, I found the perfect fix for the see-thru-ness. And just a tip, white leotards from American Apparel are also see-thru! I tried pasties, I tried white stickers, and in the end I just wore a white bra :/ Regardless, I was beyond happy with the way it all turned out. The whole outfit was so fun to wear and made me feel so lovely and unique, and what bride doesn't want to feel like that??

On the groom:
Custom made Thick As Thieves suit, vintage wool tie, American Apparel dress shirt, Lucchese boots. He put it all together and looked so fantastic :)

My best friend and Witness #1. Her name is Katherine, too!

My sister has the best camera. It takes lovely pictures of everyone all the time!

My sisters from, left to right, Beth and Maddie, and my niece, Tilly.

Trying to escape.

My husband, me, and our dog, Frida. She lacked grace, to say the least. She peed on her tutu and wouldn't stop pulling on her leash. Her tutu looked like a bird's nest by the end; it was so full of moss and twigs!

Monday, May 23, 2011

#3 classic/red

Ok, well red lips are more than a trend, I suppose. All the same, they are very popular right now. In my opinion, though, it's always a good time to sport classic red lips.

The models at the Gucci and Dior Spring 2011 shows all sported this classic look. (If you have seen the Dior show, go watch it now! The dresses are possibly the most beautiful things ever created.)

I prefer a warm red, but most people like a cooler shade. I think it is mostly up to preference. If you like warmer tones, try Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Ravish Me Red." If you like the look of cooler reds, try "Fire & Ice."

Red lips can be quite overpowering, so it's best to keep the rest of your look simple. Go for a natural looking shadow and a little bit of mascara.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#2 burgundy/maroon

Maybe bright is the wrong word for this lipstick shade, but we can all agree, it is anything but dull! This bold look was seen at YSL's Spring 2011 show, as well as on the runways at Louis Vuitton.

Dark burgundy and maroon lips are harder to pull off, but can look amazing if done correctly. I think it looks best on very pale or very dark complexions. If you're pale and NOT a model (like me) try for a very simple eye. A little bit of eyeliner or mascara is all you need. I also use Clinique's Redness Reducing Powder to even out my skin tone and give me an even fairer complexion.

Try YSL's No. 151 "Sweet Dark" or MAC's "Velvet Teen". I own "Viva Glam" from MAC, but I'm not sure if it's still available in stores.

Side Note: OMG I'M GETTING MARRIED IN AN HOUR! WHY AM I BLOGGING?? Seriously, this is the most laid back wedding day ever. Thank you all for your warm wishes and kind words :) I'm glad I can share this day with such a great community!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wedding attire was the topic of the day. I spent hours at University Village with my fiance's sister and even splurged on a British Vogue that is a special wedding issue.

I nearly spent $500 on a beautiful dream-gown at J.Crew, but opted for more casual, fun, and unique. All I have to say is that I will be wearing ALL American Apparel when we get married on Thursday. (Makes me laugh)

The dress I wanted at J.Crew looked almost exactly like the one I am wearing in these photos. Same color and length with an empire waist; same column style. The Taryn, as J.Crew calls it, is made of silk chiffon, though, and has a twisted bodice instead of a smocked bodice. Mine is definitely more casual, but you can't beat $10!

Everything is happening all of a sudden, but it's ok. I was a little worried I was missing out on the traditions of longer engagements, but this weekend we bought an engagement ring, so I'm happy :) Especially since it is my dream ring. Sapphire is all I wanted. I could careless about everything else when it comes to engagement rings.

I'm sure you noticed it's on the wrong finger, but at the moment it doesn't fit me! We need to have it for the ceremony, so we've postponed having it re-sized till afterward.

Back to writing announcements :)

In these photos:
Forever21 dress
J.Crew cardigan
Chloe flats
Sapphire & diamond ring from Alana Antique & Estate Jewelry

Monday, May 16, 2011

#1: Pink/Fuchsia

This week I have a little series planned. I love all the lipstick colors that are out right now, so I've made Polyvore sets for four of my favorite shades and written little articles for each. Enjoy!

Neon pink and fuchsia lips have been popping up all over the place lately! Everyone from the models at the Spring 2011 Jil Sander show to Emma Stone have been donning this vibrant yet wearable color.

This color is so bright that it kind of breaks all the skin tone rules out there. I'm pretty sure anybody can pull off this look! It looks lovely paired with soft pastels, but can also be worn with other bold colors.

Try MAC's Lipstick in "Quite Cute". If you can find it! It's been very popular and has sold out at many MAC counters. If you can't find it or prefer something cheaper, try Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipcolor in "Fuchsia Fever." I own this one and it is pretty much identical to the MAC shade. Pair with eyeliner and false lashes for a super flirty look.

Friday, May 13, 2011

oh hi

Now that Blogger is back up, I will tell you my big news.

I am getting married in 6 days.

That's right, we are eloping. I don't even have a ring yet, sheesh.

Ok, bye.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I've been to Value Village 3 times in the past week or so. I will probably regret it after paying bills, but for now I am happy with all the cool things I've found. I've had such luck! Velvet skirts, bright pink silk dresses, fur collars, a lovely sun hat, and so much 80's vintage you will probably want to puke. The funny part is that most of it is pink. I don't have enough in my wardrobe and I just so happen to be finding lots of pink pieces!

This headband is one example. It's like a punch in the face of pink.

Anyway, look out for more warm weather clothing, as my foot is doing much better! I'm so relieved.

AND I have big news to share, but the details haven't been worked out yet,so stay tuned.

In these photos:
Vintage scarf
American Apparel leotard
Vintage skirt
Vintage purse
Payless shoes

Friday, May 6, 2011

just a note

I wanted to share some of my cards with everyone. These are three of my favorite "Happy Birthday" designs.

I've been drawing for about as long as I've been playing dress up. Possibly longer! I'm not sure which pastime is my favorite.

The first two cards are hand-drawn designs and the last one has handwritten text and flourishes. I cut out the flowers with little tiny detail scissors. It was tedious! It's been one of the few cards I've reproduced en mass, and I have to cut the flowers for each card. For some reason, I can't figure out how to reproduce things in a timely fashion. Printing is expensive and doesn't always work for my designs. Oh well, it just means all my cards are one of a kind :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Versatile Blogger

First, I must apologize, because I believe one of my blogger friends has already given me this wonderful award, but I didn't remember till just now! I am sorry I am so feather-brained.
Second, the beautiful and talented Ashley over at StyleCurrent has bestowed this award on me again and written the most wonderful things about me. It made me cry. (Stay tuned for a post dedicated completely to Ashley's amazing sense of style!)

Seven things you might not know about me:
1. I was a ballet dancer from the ages of 3 years to 9 years. I even danced in the Nutcracker!

2. I really, really like bugs & spiders, and have since a young age. I am still thinking about becoming an entomolgist when I grow up. I have all the gear and even pin my own beetles and have spiders in preserving fluid.

3. I have fighter pilot vision. I will be so sad when my eyesight goes, because I won't be able to draw itty-bitty anymore.

4. I lived in Basingstoke, Hampshire for 7 months and I've been there on vacation 2 other times. England is my first true love.

5. The only thing I'm allergic to is shrimp; the little tiny cocktail kind. I puke a lot. The strange thing is that I can eat every other kind of shrimp and shellfish in existence.

6. I have a short attention span. Seven things is too many.

7. When I was little I used to plan huge reenactments of Disney movies. I would make my little sisters dress up like mermaids and we would perform Little Mermaid songs for our dinner guests. I also spent the 2 weeks before my 7th birthday rehearsing Beauty & The Beast and assigning parts to my guests, but it never happened. We didn't have enough kids for all the parts.

And now to pass the award along!

Haiku Ambulance: Zoe is so nice and so cool! Gorgeous, talented, funny; what more could you want! Her blog is always a pleasure to read, so make sure you don't just gawk at the great outfits! Read!

This Charming Style: Harriet has such a unique style and great personality. Definitely a Style Icon!

Papillon Chouette : I'm lucky to know Angie. Like all the girls on this list, I wish I knew her in real life! She's a great writer, as well as having a style all her own, so I encourage you to read her blog!

RedPoppy Fashion: Tanya is an amazing local blogger, who I completely admire. She's insightful and has a great eye for fashion. She also makes gorgeous hats!

RAGS against the MACHINE: Terri is a great writer and has such a classic sense of style!

Statements In Fashion : Collette is so inspirational. She is talented and incredibly hardworking. She is also gorgeous and has a great sense of style. I think she is an important voice in the blogging world, and you should be paying attention to her!
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