Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This just in!

Got hitched!

Not yet married! Don't look at the bride!

...Ok,now you can look.

On the bride (me, duh):
American Apparel leotard, sheer skirt, and petticoat. Flower from H&M and hair piece cut off dog's tutu and fastened with bobby-pin.

I was so thrilled to find my entire outfit at American Apparel, mostly because I really wanted this skirt! The fact that it is completely sheer made me a little cautious to wear it to my wedding, but with the help of my lovely sister-in-law, I found the perfect fix for the see-thru-ness. And just a tip, white leotards from American Apparel are also see-thru! I tried pasties, I tried white stickers, and in the end I just wore a white bra :/ Regardless, I was beyond happy with the way it all turned out. The whole outfit was so fun to wear and made me feel so lovely and unique, and what bride doesn't want to feel like that??

On the groom:
Custom made Thick As Thieves suit, vintage wool tie, American Apparel dress shirt, Lucchese boots. He put it all together and looked so fantastic :)

My best friend and Witness #1. Her name is Katherine, too!

My sister has the best camera. It takes lovely pictures of everyone all the time!

My sisters from, left to right, Beth and Maddie, and my niece, Tilly.

Trying to escape.

My husband, me, and our dog, Frida. She lacked grace, to say the least. She peed on her tutu and wouldn't stop pulling on her leash. Her tutu looked like a bird's nest by the end; it was so full of moss and twigs!


Rachel said...

congrats! you are a lovely bride! I love your non traditional take on a wedding dress! you made a beautiful bride. happiness to you and your husband!

Lena said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these! I LOVE what you wore!!!!

Lowri said...

Congratulations :)

You look so beautiful :)


islabell said...

ahhh! these photos are so lovely. :) Happy you had a wonderful day. Loved your dress, old school wedding stuff is not for me, i'd be way to anxious...this is totally my speed.


p.s. your dog! I almost died. how adorable

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit, you were lovely and unique!! VERY unique actually :)

I love the sheerness of the skirt, I love how your niece looked, so cute!

I hope you'll be happily married forever!!


cute doggie ;)

dcresider said...

you make a lovely couple!! Congratulations.

Kathleen said...

Ah, how beautiful!! You look positively lovely. I like your sisters' outfits as well, and your husband is quite dapper in his suit! Congratulations and all best wishes!

Baby Budget Blog said...

So pretty! I love the seafoam green skirt and that flower just makes it all the more gorgeous!

sbot said...

So pretty! Congrats!


This Charming Style said...

Congratulations dear! You are such a beautiful and unique bride. I think its really lovely :) The skirt is wonderful!

Kirstin said...

Congrats, that is so amazing! You guys look like such an awesome couple! I love the non-traditional look, I so want to go that route!

Ashley said...

Oh Catie congrats! I'm so happy for you! It's so nice to see you did a no fuss, non 'traditional' wedding! Most brides seem so stressed out on their wedding day, but it just looks like you had a blast! You look beautiful! I'm inspired =)

Isabel Hendrix said...

aaaah! congrats!! You look so beautiful!

Cee said...

Congratulations! Both on getting married and for doing it exactly the way you wanted to :) I love that you took such an informal approach to the day- with my extended family, and particularly the extended family I married into, that simply wasn't possible. My wedding was wonderful in many, many ways, but it definitely wasn't the quiet affair I had envisioned :) I especially love that your whole bridal ensemble came from American Apparel. You look absolutely stunning, especially with the addition of the bright flower. Hope you're enjoying married life very much so far :)

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments!

Cee, we're planning a big party for August becuase I have a pretty large extended family too :/ The fact that we already took care of the ceremony should help tho!

Unknown said...

awwww, what a lovely wedding! congratulations!!! u look so cute!!


Ms. Falcon said...

congrats! CONGRATS!!!!
I really adore your wedding outfit! normal wedding dresses are so glamorous boring and sissi-like (princess-like). yours is fashionable, simply cute and very unique. love it.

katherine said...

catie you looked so lovely and you and you two are the cutest couple. im so happy i was able to be there. also you untraditional wedding dress is an inspiration. i need to make more daring choices because if i look like you when doing it, all will be ok.

Unknown said...

Oh Katherine, I love you. I'm so glad you both could be there! That's an amazing compliment :)

Actually everyone has left amazing compliments!!

Playing Hooksies said...

You SO LOVELY in the close up shot of you at the counter. My congratulations :)

RedPoppy said...

I had been so excited to come to your blog and see your wedding photos!! Beautiful and sweet, and by the way you have the best pink shade on your cheeks xoxo

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