Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogger Feature


Colorful Poppies - Kukat - Valokuvatapetit - Photowall, €9

Phew, what a month! I have been working at least twice as much as usual and have barely had time for anything else. Unavoidably, my blog has been quite neglected. This week I am nannying 10 hours a day, which has actually given me some time to brainstorm some blog entries, including this one.

I have been wanting to feature Ashley for a while and I'm happy to finally introduce you to her (assuming you haven't read her wonderful blog beforehand!). She is one of those girls who you just know will go quite far in the blogging world. She's gorgeous, friendly and sociable, and of course has amazing style!

Many of her looks draw inspiration from classic, feminine fashions. She has a talent for styling clothes from various sources, including designer, discount, and vintage. This flexibility and her styling know-how gives each outfit a unique and completely personal look. Her vintage and thrifted pieces are all lovely and some of them can be purchased via her Etsy store.

What are you waiting for? Go check out her BLOG and add her on Chictopia!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Product Review: Benefit's B. right!

product review

While at Ulta recently, I picked up three samples of Benefit's new line B.right!, but before I dive into my review, let me start off with a little story.

I started my junior year of high school with a new perfume: Ralph by Ralph Lauren. I had been keeping the perfume in my locker when it inexplicably sprung a leak. My locker smelled so strongly of Ralph that I eventually stopped using both the perfume and the locker.

What does this have to do with Benefit's new line? Well, it smells exactly like Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It smells so strongly that I was a little nervous to try it out. You wouldn't spray yourself straight in the face with perfume, so why should your lotion be as heavily perfumed? I was right to be nervous.

I tried three different products from the line: It's Potent! Eye Cream, Total Moisture Facial Cream, and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++. I liked the feel of the Facial Emulsion, but didn't notice any obvious signs of "radiance." The most important thing I observed while using these products (this is the part where I was right to be nervous), was that I broke out in rashes.

Under your eye is quite possibly the worst place to have a rash, and I had one. Then I got a nasty one on the sides of my nose. A week and a half later, that rash is finally disappearing. Bottom line: Use caution when trying out this product, ESPECIALLY if you have sensitive skin or occasionally sensitive skin.

I don't break out all the time. I can even use some highly perfumed facial products, such as Dior's Capture Totale Foundation, which is basically tinted Dior perfume, so I was quite surprised at the reaction I had to Benefit's B.right! line.

Even though the packaging is really pretty, I will not be going back to purchase this product.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I bought this leather pouch for my husband. It was a gift on our wedding day. Secretly, I want one very badly. Ok, not so secretly, but sometimes it's easier to buy things when they are gifts for others. He wanted it one, of course, I wasn't just buying things I liked, haha.

I borrowed it today, with the idea that I would return it to its original spot before my husband got home from work. I wasn't quick enough, though. He got home and even though he hasn't touched it in over 2 weeks, he went looking for it. Whoops! He wasn't angry, but said he was starting to freak out, because he thought it had been stolen. By who, I don't know. It's just me and the Frida all day.

My outfit:
American Apparel shorts & bag
Vintage sweater
GAP cardigan
H&M flower brooch
New Look wedges
Vintage belt

Product review of Benefit's So Radiant Face Care line

Monday, June 6, 2011

So far so good

I haven't bought any clothes in June! I know it's only June 6th, but that is still a good start! I almost bought a sweater at an estate sale, but it was too much and didn't fit in the arms. I've been thinking I might make an exception for really cheap things at estate sales, since that is my favorite hobby that I rarely get to do, but honestly, I would just be cheating.

Instead, I've been working a lot more lately. I'm not working full time, but it feels like it with all the driving. I might even pick up a little more work at a fifth job! It would just be temp work for a small high-end consignment shop on Queen Anne, but that's if it works with my cafe schedule and if the nice lady will have me.

In these pictures I am wearing a wool sweater. Yes, wool in June. The very next day, the temperature soared above 70 for the first time in 2011. Such a sad city made ridiculously cheerful by a little heat. People waved, actually waved, at me as I drove by in my car. It's amazing what an impact some sun can have.

In these photos:
Forever21 sunglasses
Forever21 skirt
Vintage wool sweater
J.Crew denim shirt
Aldo bag & shoes
H&M scarf
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