Monday, June 6, 2011

So far so good

I haven't bought any clothes in June! I know it's only June 6th, but that is still a good start! I almost bought a sweater at an estate sale, but it was too much and didn't fit in the arms. I've been thinking I might make an exception for really cheap things at estate sales, since that is my favorite hobby that I rarely get to do, but honestly, I would just be cheating.

Instead, I've been working a lot more lately. I'm not working full time, but it feels like it with all the driving. I might even pick up a little more work at a fifth job! It would just be temp work for a small high-end consignment shop on Queen Anne, but that's if it works with my cafe schedule and if the nice lady will have me.

In these pictures I am wearing a wool sweater. Yes, wool in June. The very next day, the temperature soared above 70 for the first time in 2011. Such a sad city made ridiculously cheerful by a little heat. People waved, actually waved, at me as I drove by in my car. It's amazing what an impact some sun can have.

In these photos:
Forever21 sunglasses
Forever21 skirt
Vintage wool sweater
J.Crew denim shirt
Aldo bag & shoes
H&M scarf


This Charming Style said...

Congrats on not buying anything! It's only been... 7 days but still, it's an achievement in my eyes! :D Gorgeous layered look, i love the skirt and bag :)

Isabel Hendrix said...

haha! yes sunny weather changes everyone's mood! It is so nice :) Congrats on not buying anything, I try not to buy too much also.. I like your denim layered under the sweater :) and your bag is raaad!

C said...

This post makes me yearn for sweater weather...

Baby Budget Blog said...

So pretty! Love the stripes and though I am so done with sweaters, I'm really liking this look :)

Thick Threads said...

ooo you are rockin that outfit!!! love the stripes with the sweater and bag! looking as cute as ever!


Ashley said...

Hey, working for a high end consignment shop could have some amazing benefits, like a discount on a great designer piece, which you could purchase first thing on July 1st!

D said...

Amazing striped skirt, great outfit!
I added you to my links in my blog i hope that's okay :)

Unknown said...

adorable. I love your layering!

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