Monday, July 11, 2011

On holiday

Haha, sadly, I am kidding! I've been working my butt off instead. I missed you all terribly :(

So much working and busy-ness meant I was not broke for a few weeks. It was a nice change, but now I am back to "Uh oh, shouldn't have spent that money at Forever21..." I think I will go back on my clothing diet (which was a great success, btw)

So I've been working hard at making my wedding reception happen, but I'm not really sure how to go about things. Thank goodness for my husband, who is very good at taking care of boring yet important stuff like making reservations and obtaining event insurance. It has given me a chance to play with colors and patterned papers and day dream about center pieces. I'm just getting the invites out that my step-mom was so graciously kind to put together for me. She is a graphic designer by trade and very skilled with the Photo Shops. She scanned in my original drawings and cleaned them up a bit, then worked with me for hours on alignments, fonts, and other graphic designy things I did not understand. Here's how they turned out:

I am still trying to think of the perfect thank you gift for her!

(The drawing is based on the original illustrations from Pride & Prejudice)

Ok, back to work for me! Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY! You can win this lovely little necklace :)

My outfit:
Vintage dress
Forever21 frames
GAP clutch
Banana Republic sling-back flats
Vintage bracelets


mary louise said...

love those bracelets and the glasses!


I love the simplicity of this look you look super chic and I LOVE your hair style! x

Julia said...

Planning a wedding sounds like so much work!!
The invites look great, they have character instead of just being generic.
Love this look, it's clean & chic

Hazel said...

I really like how simple this style combo is. It's super clean and really easy. Kind of this... effortless pretty thing, you know?


This Charming Style said...

Simple, classy and gorgeous! This is lovely, also those invitations look amazing!

Ashley said...

I've been working a lot myself, so I feel ya on missing the blog-o-sphere. Been thinking about joining lookbook for awhile, I'm just not sure I have the time to return comments on my blog, chictopia, and another site.

Robie Capps said...

This outfit is so simple and chic! Definitely the kind of thing to wear during this heat wave. Your style is excellent!


bea said...

and then again I like him! simplicity I like which!

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