Monday, July 18, 2011


What a weekend! I worked both days, had a huge bbq with my family because my cousins were in town, and managed to fit in two photo shoots!

The first photo shoot was downtown and took about 45 minutes. This was the one for the Marie Claire contest.

The photographer shot quite a bit of film in several different spots. We even went to the roof of a parking garage. That was a great location, because we didn't have to wait for pedestrians to pass and I didn't have to worry about getting hit by cars! I have done very little modeling, but something I learned about myself was that the more film they shoot the more relaxed I am and the more I enjoy myself. When it's like "Ok we'll take 3 shots, lets get this done, go!" It's much harder to relax then. For instance, I was such a ball of nerves at the Shipley & Halmos event last Fall that I am surprised any of the photos turned out at all! The camera starts moving in close and I am thinking "OMG what do I do with my cheekbones?? How do I pose my chin??" I found a way to relax myself, though, and that was to make funny faces in between shots. I'm sure there are a few on film, as well.

Have any of you done modeling? Do you get nerves? I don't know if my blog would exist if I couldn't take my own photos, haha.

The second shoot was much shorter, but was still fun. They took a few photos and then we departed. For the first shoot, I was instructed to wear simple, classic colors; nothing too revealing or crazy and natural looking make-up. I had way more freedom on the second shoot, but that naturally made it harder to decide on an outfit. I got up an hour early to finish deciding. I was pretty satisfied with the results, though. Hopefully you'll see it in the November issue of Glamour :)

In these photos:
H&M chambray dress
DIY cropped Forever21 tank
Forever21 sandals
hand dyed scarf


fashion doctor said...

love combo with yellow scarv , so pretty! xxxx

Unknown said...

Such a cute top and skirt!

Kirstin said...

Love that great pop of yellow to your outfit! Your hair looks amazing as always!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Glad the shoots went well! There's no WAY I'd have outfit shots if someone else was working the camera, argh! You always look fab though :)

Maria V @SoNailicious said...

Adore your style: simple yet chic!
Fingers crossed for making it to Glamour;)

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed that we'll see you in Glamour. Had to laugh at "what do I do with my cheekbones"--as though we could do anything with them. Have done no modeling, so I'm very interested to hear about your experiences with it.

This Charming Style said...

Gorgeous, simple, summery look. I love the pop from the yellow scarf! I have never done modelling, I think i'd be quite bad at it! xx

Ashley said...

It's normal for you to relax more toward the end of a shoot. You'll make it into the mags for sure!!

Hayley said...

i love the petticoat !! great idea to spice up an outfit! I love your look & i am your newest follower =)

Morgane said...

I love love love the yellow scarf! It adds such a great pop of color and looks great with your skin tone :)

bea said...

great yellow accent!!!

bea said...

and this red mouth!!! I love!

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