Wednesday, August 24, 2011

poor neglected hobbies

Oh man, it's been a WHILE. My poor blog, my poor readers (you guys have nothing else to do but read blogs, right?)

I have a whole list of excuses, but mostly they are boring and/or sad. Nobody wants to hear about how my dog has become horribly sensitive to things she eats or the disgusting results that!

You might want to hear about our "We got married!" party, but I will tell you more about that when I get more pictures. I had so many friends documenting it that I want to use at least one of each of their pictures in a special blog entitled "Look at me! I got married and I KNOW everyone wants to hear about it!" It's a very long title, but it gets the point across. I am waiting on the last of the photos to be "published" and then I will show you all how PRETTY I looked haha (some of you have already seen on Facebook).

Ok, so back to the point of this blog, I've finally had the chance to take some outfit photos and they turned out pretty well. I am getting a little sick of the background, but whatcha gonna do? I am still not gutsy enough to set up a tripod where people can see me.

Have you heard all the hubub about midi skirts? I've read so many articles (Vogue, Wall Street Journal, etc.) about buying them for Fall, that I must say I am very relieved that I bought so many last Spring! I am all set! I have this lovely velvet one that I've had for years and years, then a full one in black cotton, an A-line in black velvet, a striped jersey knit, and a figure-hugging style in dark green velvet. Hmm, that's a lot of velvet...
If you are midi-less, I recommend heading over to Forever21 where they have a few really cute full skirts. All of them have a 1950's feel, which, my darlings, is a trend that is just not dying out!

This look is kind of my nod to Chloe's past few seasons. Somebody really loves this burnt umber color. It's so striking and unexpected, who can blame them?

This outfit:
J.Crew chambray shirt
Vintage velvet skirt
Vintage Coach bag
Vintage leather belt and wooden bracelet


mary louise said...

i love the skirt! congrats on getting married, and sorry about your dog :(

beneath the glass said...

you look great! that color is gorgeous and perfect for fall. congrats on your marriage! and sorry about your dog, hope it gets better :)

Beneath the Glass

Baby Budget Blog said...

I'm taking care of a very sick/terminal and beloved cat so I know how it feels. And congrats on the wedding! That is one awesome velvet skirt! So into midi's right now myself!

Coraleigh said...

Your skirt is gorgeous, I'm in love with that color! :-)

You're the first Seattle fashion blogger I've seen, I'm thrilled to find you! :-)


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

I would love to hear about your wedding party, maybe a little bit about your sick dog.. ;)
You're so lucky you can rock the midi skirt, they make me look like a frumpy old lady!

Isabel Hendrix said...

That skirt is just so beautiful! I love the color of it and style.. Sorry about your dog :(

Anonymous said...

I love this color combination. Congratulations on your marriage.

Sarah Bahbah said...

brown beanie

orange skirt

ups ups ups


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