Friday, September 30, 2011

out to sea

I won't keep you long this time, as I have a horrible migraine. Brain function at diminished capacity... Probably wake up blind tomorrow... Obviously a hypochondriac.

This is another dress that belonged to my husband's grandmother. You can read the full story here. It's one of my favorites and I only wish it wasn't so fragile.

Happy Friday!

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H&M sweater
American Apparel beret
Vintage dress and belt
Vintage Coach purse

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New URL!

You probably haven't noticed, but Blogger is now redirecting you to a new web address! I splurged on a fancy new domain name! Ok, it only cost $10. But now it's mine!
The new address is

Please update your bookmarks and such :)

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H&M sweater
Forever21 maxi skirt & glasses
American Apparel leather pouch
Thrifted leather belt

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The blogger's tool kit

My blog posts have gotten all out of order. I'm pretty behind, too. I post pictures on Chictopia and Lookbook the next day, if not the same day I take them. It takes a little longer for the picture to end up on my blog, though. I should probably prioritize a little better, but a blog post takes a little more thought! This post was actually started long ago, but got interrupted. Many of you have probably even seen these pictures already on Lookbook, etc.
Back to prioritizing... I'm not convinced the blog is the most important place for someone to share their musings and outfits. Sure it is more personalized and presents a broader perspective of you as a stylist (chef, crafter, etc.), but it's also harder for company and fashion reps to find, unless you have a huge, well-established fan base.

Which brings me to another topic, how do you establish that fan base? Do you just wait around and hope a persons random Google search leads them here? Or even more reliable, wait for them to Stumble your blog; that could take a 100 years! That's why sites like Chictopia, Lookbook, and even Hypeed (my least favorite, read why) are such important tools! I've been contacted for features and events through Lookbook more often than any of the other websites or services I use, even my own blog! I think one reason is that these sites, or communities, are almost like having a built-in fan base. The readers are right at your finger tips. They only have to search for "stripes" or "American Apparel" as opposed to entire sentences that magically have something to do with your blog. It still takes some work, but you are definitely more visible within these communities. Think of the internet as the ocean, and fashion communities as a smaller inlet or harbor connected to the ocean. It's much easier for the big fish (clothing companies, magazines, etc.) to catch the little fish in a smaller body of water, instead of trying to track them down in the ocean. Ok, so that's not a perfect metaphor. Unless we're talking about Anna Wintour, these bigger fish I speak of aren't actually gonna eat you, but you are part of the fashion food chain now!

The next thing to do is attract the fans you've gained in fashion communities to your blog, which is where you are going to show people that you have the brains, style, and charisma to make it in a sea of other fashion blogs. This is something I'm still working on; my writing skills are not as strong as I'd like them to be, I run out of topics, and I need to find a photographer I'm comfortable with, but I am 100% dedicated to this blog and drive can make all the difference. If you work hard at something you are passionate about, you will at least enjoy the ride, even if it doesn't get you exactly where you wanna be.Check out my latest feature on STYLEPANTRY.COM!!!

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Thrifted United Colors of Benetton sweater
Forever21 skirt
Chloe Prince Calf flats
Vintage purse

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There have been so many ups and downs today! First thing in the morning, a little bird, a lark specifically, came to tell me some good news. This lark, of Happy, Honey, and Lark, said that I am in the October issue of Marie Claire!!! I have been to 5 different grocery stores hoping to find the issue, but apparently only some subscribers have received it so far. Not me of course, mine always comes late :/ BUT I AM IN IT!!! Can't wait to see how the pictures turned out!
Downside of my day (week, month, year), my feet have been doing quite poorly. I haven't talked about it much, but it seems the pain in the ball of my foot is chronic. I've bought Danskos and am seeing a podiatrist, so hopefully it will eventually heal. I also just found out some very sad news regarding a family friend. Knowing that she lived a very long, wonderful life is a comfort to me and, I hope, a comfort to her family. Ok, so not to end on a sad note... well, I'm working a lot which means I'm not quite as broke as I usually am and the weather was gorgeous today! And didn't my husband do a nice job taking these photos? He was mostly patient with me and kept giving me tips on how to pose. Mostly, though, he just said "look model-y" and "stop moving." In these photos: Forever21 blouse Thrifted maxi skirt Aldo bag Neon Xhilaration bra

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Colors/Patterns: Fall 2011


Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are here reading my blog by choice, not because you couldn't find that article about cage fighting and have opted to read this instead. What I'm getting at is that if you're reading this, you probably care about fashion and so have observed at least a little of what's going in colors and patterns this season.

Polka dots are a big one (I've already blogged about this, sheesh)! They're cute, fun, and classic. Plus, anyone can wear them! Try combining a neutral polka dot with one of this season bright colors, such as orange or magenta.

I am not a fan of jade, nor am I fan of snake skin, but together they just work! Take the above Zara bag for instance. The combo is just meant to be. Go for a natural looking snake skin (real or fake), since unnaturally colored prints look tacky after a while.

Two of my favorite trends this Fall: leopard and burgundy! It can be tricky wearing an entire garment in leopard print, but don't be shy! Try a skirt or accessorize with the print. Belts and scarves are a good option. Burgundy, in all of it's regal splendor, looks great with the browns and camels found in leopard print.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tonight, out of the blue, American Apparel contacts me on Turns out I'm featured in their What's New section of the website. Click here to see the look featured on American I'm the 12th picture down.

I'm so excited!!! Just wanted to share the happy news with you all. Have a great weekend!


I am going to get a lot of flack for this, but I'm just going to come out and say it: I do not like Missoni.

I don't like vintage Missoni, I don't like the haute couture Missoni, I don't like the Target Missoni; I don't like any of their designs and never have. It comes down to personal taste. What my eye sees when I look at a Missoni pattern is an old 1970's afghan that someone has sewn into a dress. The colors are overwhelming (or just plain muddy), the patterns harsh, and most of their cuts unflattering. I know it is all signature, well made (may not apply to Target line), has been around for forever, but I just can't get myself to like it and I think I am one of very few people who feel this way.

I am basing this assertion on the recent hubbub around the release of the Missoni for Target line. Maybe it's just that after all the advertising and promoting and build-up people are just freaking out, or maybe enough people love Missoni that they are capable of crashing the entire Target website; who's to say. The advertising industry can be very influential, as we all know.

I do however, have the utmost respect for this influential and established fashion house. How many designers can you name that have not had to do any sort of reinventing or reworking of their signature looks? Missoni has basically been making the same knitwear since 1953. And having a brand ambassador like Margherita Missoni has done quite a bit to cement Missoni in the minds of a new generation. She is charming, incredibly fashionable, and has the most intoxicating voice. Margherita's voice and one of the models fainting is all I remember from that episode of America's Next Top Model, cycle 15. Oh wait, yes, now I remember the models having to wear these awful mud-brown scarves in 90 degree weather.

Respect and charm aside, I still will not be shelling out $160 for a black market tote bag from Target that just happens to bear the name of Missoni somewhere on it. (One thing they got right is that they didn't brand the crap out of the bags!)

What is your opinion of Missoni? Have they been a favorite for a long time or are you just discovering their unique, signature styles? Did you go to Target on the release day? Interested in hearing your opinion :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion by Feelings

Ahh, yes, a promotion I can really support! Woolmark has launched the Fashion by Feelings Campaign to promote wool and provide another awesome outlet for posting looks. Visit the Fashion By Feelings website to post a look (or 3, like I did, haha), give Love to other posters, and learn more about the amazing trip to Australia you could win!

I am a huge fan of wool, so I have no shortage of great pieces to style, but I live in Seattle so it makes sense that I own lots of wool. It's warm and it's water proof, but did you know that what makes it waterproof also makes a moisture-wicking material? Yup, that means it's great for warm climates, too! Sheep wear wool in the summer and sheep wear wool in the blazing Australian sun, so why not you?

I can't seem to figure out how to link to my looks via my blog, but, if you have nothing better to do, visit the Fashion By Feelings site and search for "Catie Beatty." I would be happy to return any Loves given!

In these photos:
H&M cardigan
Thrifted oxford shirt
BDG cropped cigarette pants
New Look wedges
Aldo bag
H&M sunglasses
Scarf bought from a street vendor in London

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Faux Fall

I really wanted to dress for Fall, but it was 80 degrees out, so I had to fake it. It seems like I’ve done a lot of this this summer. For the magazine shoots in July we had to dress for Fall, and even though it wasn’t very hot, it was incredibly muggy and very uncomfortable wearing jackets and hats. I learned, though, that adding some key pieces-a hat or scarf, maybe a jacket just on your shoulders-can really make an outfit look seasonal without making you too miserable, plus you can take them right off when you’re done shooting. So for any of you ladies (and gents) who live in warmer climates where you don’t get cold weather even in January, why not style those looks anyway? This whole blogging thing is about developing your styling talents, so why not push yourself and experiment in areas of fashion you’re not as experienced in? This goes for everyone in cold climates, too!

For me, styling is like playing dress up; I can go wherever I want and be whoever I want just by changing my skirt. Today, I’ve decided to go to Post-War Paris. Where do you want to go?

In this outfit:
Vintage wool beret
Vintage velvet midi skirt
GAP t-shirt and cardigan
Xhilaration flats

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm sure you are all dying to know...

What HAS Catie been up to?

Not much to talk about in the way of fashion or anything really. Although, it might just be a sign that I shouldn't blog at 10pm. That's about the time my brain calls it quits (forgive any poor grammar, spelling or forgotten words). On top of that, I've been quite busy! Took a mini vacation to go visit my mom and sisters, dinner at my dad's Saturday and today, then big family dinner with the in-laws on Sunday, and today we woke up early to take my mom out for a birthday breakfast.

It's been a fun, family-filled week, but now the holidays are over and it's back to serious work, if you can call playing video games serious work. I start nannying again on Thursday and will probably pick up tutoring again, too.

We haven't had the warmest of summers, but now just as I'm ready for sweaters and scarves, the forecast is saying mid- to upper-80s for the coming week. I think it is just to spite the poor school children.

This outfit is an attempt at a more somber Fall look, without the risk of overheating. I'm happy to have found another way of incorporating the cheetah fur into an outfit.

Update: This look is featured on the American Apparel website!! CLICK HERE!

In this look:
Vintage cheetah fur collar
American Apparel leotard
Vintage skirt
Vintage frame bag
Thrifted glasses and shoes
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