Saturday, September 24, 2011

The blogger's tool kit

My blog posts have gotten all out of order. I'm pretty behind, too. I post pictures on Chictopia and Lookbook the next day, if not the same day I take them. It takes a little longer for the picture to end up on my blog, though. I should probably prioritize a little better, but a blog post takes a little more thought! This post was actually started long ago, but got interrupted. Many of you have probably even seen these pictures already on Lookbook, etc.
Back to prioritizing... I'm not convinced the blog is the most important place for someone to share their musings and outfits. Sure it is more personalized and presents a broader perspective of you as a stylist (chef, crafter, etc.), but it's also harder for company and fashion reps to find, unless you have a huge, well-established fan base.

Which brings me to another topic, how do you establish that fan base? Do you just wait around and hope a persons random Google search leads them here? Or even more reliable, wait for them to Stumble your blog; that could take a 100 years! That's why sites like Chictopia, Lookbook, and even Hypeed (my least favorite, read why) are such important tools! I've been contacted for features and events through Lookbook more often than any of the other websites or services I use, even my own blog! I think one reason is that these sites, or communities, are almost like having a built-in fan base. The readers are right at your finger tips. They only have to search for "stripes" or "American Apparel" as opposed to entire sentences that magically have something to do with your blog. It still takes some work, but you are definitely more visible within these communities. Think of the internet as the ocean, and fashion communities as a smaller inlet or harbor connected to the ocean. It's much easier for the big fish (clothing companies, magazines, etc.) to catch the little fish in a smaller body of water, instead of trying to track them down in the ocean. Ok, so that's not a perfect metaphor. Unless we're talking about Anna Wintour, these bigger fish I speak of aren't actually gonna eat you, but you are part of the fashion food chain now!

The next thing to do is attract the fans you've gained in fashion communities to your blog, which is where you are going to show people that you have the brains, style, and charisma to make it in a sea of other fashion blogs. This is something I'm still working on; my writing skills are not as strong as I'd like them to be, I run out of topics, and I need to find a photographer I'm comfortable with, but I am 100% dedicated to this blog and drive can make all the difference. If you work hard at something you are passionate about, you will at least enjoy the ride, even if it doesn't get you exactly where you wanna be.Check out my latest feature on STYLEPANTRY.COM!!!

In this outfit:
Thrifted United Colors of Benetton sweater
Forever21 skirt
Chloe Prince Calf flats
Vintage purse


This Charming Style said...

I love the outfit, the skirt is fab and looks great with the colour of the top!

I really need to start using lookbook, but I just don't get it. I'm probably just being lazy... xx

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

I don't really know how to build a blog readership, it's HARD! I think most people reading my blog at the moment have only found it because I've commented on theirs, which is very slow way to attract readers.

Chictopia is great but only if people are clicking into your photos, and it can be hard to attract attention there.

I signed up to Lookbook but I haven't posted, as new posters don't even get their photos in the "new photos" stream - it just seems like another one of those places where you have to post non-stop to try to attract attention when you're starting out.

Anywho, interesting post! It's great to know what other bloggers are doing :)


I love the color of this turtleneck with the polk a dot.

Anonymous said...

I know that you first came on my radar via Chictopia--I admired your distinctive style. It was simple and French-ish and creative. I'm ad avid follower, but I won't get you the coverage that seems to have taken off for you. Keep up the good work.

Anaivilo said...

That is a very lovely skirt you got there and the top is very well matched with it, I love the combination ;)

dcresider said...

Awesome outfit. I may have to borrow this look. :)

Rachel said...

I always wonder the same thing when it comes to gaining a fan base. I myself am not a fashion blogger, in fact I havent properly blogged in quite some time, but its nice to have a user account to view {and comment!} on other people's blogs. I found you via chictopia so there you go :)

Unknown said...

Just lovely! This look is great on you!

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