Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm sure you are all dying to know...

What HAS Catie been up to?

Not much to talk about in the way of fashion or anything really. Although, it might just be a sign that I shouldn't blog at 10pm. That's about the time my brain calls it quits (forgive any poor grammar, spelling or forgotten words). On top of that, I've been quite busy! Took a mini vacation to go visit my mom and sisters, dinner at my dad's Saturday and today, then big family dinner with the in-laws on Sunday, and today we woke up early to take my mom out for a birthday breakfast.

It's been a fun, family-filled week, but now the holidays are over and it's back to serious work, if you can call playing video games serious work. I start nannying again on Thursday and will probably pick up tutoring again, too.

We haven't had the warmest of summers, but now just as I'm ready for sweaters and scarves, the forecast is saying mid- to upper-80s for the coming week. I think it is just to spite the poor school children.

This outfit is an attempt at a more somber Fall look, without the risk of overheating. I'm happy to have found another way of incorporating the cheetah fur into an outfit.

Update: This look is featured on the American Apparel website!! CLICK HERE!

In this look:
Vintage cheetah fur collar
American Apparel leotard
Vintage skirt
Vintage frame bag
Thrifted glasses and shoes


Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVE the hint of leopard in the fabulous sea of black!

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Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Awesome, awesome, amazing collar! But I am most jealous of your cute shoes!

Kirstin said...

I love this classic look, such a great transitional outfit!

decimal shoes said...

love your outfit :D
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Julia said...

That collar would look amazing with pretty much anything! I love it with the ladylike length skirt & the cat eye sunnies. Ultra chic xo

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