Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There have been so many ups and downs today! First thing in the morning, a little bird, a lark specifically, came to tell me some good news. This lark, of Happy, Honey, and Lark, said that I am in the October issue of Marie Claire!!! I have been to 5 different grocery stores hoping to find the issue, but apparently only some subscribers have received it so far. Not me of course, mine always comes late :/ BUT I AM IN IT!!! Can't wait to see how the pictures turned out!
Downside of my day (week, month, year), my feet have been doing quite poorly. I haven't talked about it much, but it seems the pain in the ball of my foot is chronic. I've bought Danskos and am seeing a podiatrist, so hopefully it will eventually heal. I also just found out some very sad news regarding a family friend. Knowing that she lived a very long, wonderful life is a comfort to me and, I hope, a comfort to her family. Ok, so not to end on a sad note... well, I'm working a lot which means I'm not quite as broke as I usually am and the weather was gorgeous today! And didn't my husband do a nice job taking these photos? He was mostly patient with me and kept giving me tips on how to pose. Mostly, though, he just said "look model-y" and "stop moving." In these photos: Forever21 blouse Thrifted maxi skirt Aldo bag Neon Xhilaration bra


This Charming Style said...

Congrats on being in Marie Claire, that's amazing! I'm sorry to hear of your sad news, and I hope your foot gets better :( - On the plus side, you look super gorgeous! xx

islabell said...

congrats woman! thats really awesome. Sorry to hear about your foot troubles and family friend. You husband did do a lovely job, these pics are awesome

India said...

Lovely outfit!

mochaccinoland said...

congrats on being in marie claire! hope will get to see the pictures on your blog some day :)

Thick Threads said...

Congrats on being in marie claire! sooo awesome! sorry to hear about your foot pain! thats not good at all! hope that gets better eventually! you look great love the outfit



Kirstin said...

You are in Marie Clare, ahhhhh! Congrats!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I'm emailing you a picture of the picture. The post office tells me my address DOESN'T EXIST (!?!??!?!) so a lot of my mail mysteriously gets lost and it drives me insane.
I figure skated for like 800 years so I know foot pain myself. Aerosoles are super too (outlet stores have $20 pairs)
I'm sorry about your family friend.
Your husband did do a great job with the pictures. You look tres chic.

rental mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

Catie, congrats on landing in Marie Claire! You absolutely deserve it. I pray that as soon as you read these words, the pain leaves your foot!

Isabel Hendrix said...

You look really gorgeous, your hair always looks perfect!! I also really like your blouse.
I hope that your feet problems get better, and that you feel better in general!
Congrats big time on being in Marie Claire!!

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