Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Brights

Yesss, new clothes! I love getting new clothes, but who doesn't??
I ordered a few things from and can't wait to style them all! It took a whole 5 days for my package to get here. That's incredibly fast, considering it was shipped internationally.

Isn't this sheer skirt lovely? It's a little see-through, but nothing some spanks won't fix. Other than that, it's perfect! It fits really nicely. I was afraid it would be that really itchy tulle they use under prom dresses and such, but it's not. It's comfortable and light, and is quite nice to wear. Plus, it was under $16!! You can find it here along with a lot of other awesomely affordable things. For instance, the leopard-print belt I'm wearing! It set me back a whole $4.46. Pretty great deal, huh?

The magenta jacket is new too, but it was a lucky find at a thrift store. It's 100% wool! I wish I could have taken more pictures, especially better ones of the detailing, but my feet were killing me, so I had to cut the photo shoot short.

Look at the pin-tucking on that jacket, though. Definitely a quality piece!

In these photos:
Skirt and belt from
GAP merino turtleneck
Chloe flats
Vintage wool jacket


Anaivilo said...

Oh wow I love the color in this outfit and the transparency! Perfect mixing! :D

amahabamode said...

I love your blog, You have a nice style. I follow you!Kisses

Ashley said...

Those are my kind of prices! Off to check out that site now. PS I really like the magenta/purple mixed with that mocha skirt. Great combo!

Selena said...

i love this whole look. well styled!

Kirstin said...

I love that you made this skirt look so classic with the turtleneck!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the sheer "in" right now....the magenta blazer is a fab color on you hunnie!!! Lookin great!!!!

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decimal shoes said...

love the skirt :D
I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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Baby Budget Blog said...

Ah, I adore this outfit! The skirt, the jacket = perfection!

RedPoppy said...

ooh love the skirt, and LOVE the fuschia jacket. I've been eyeing a few sheer skirts for Fall, just cant make up my mind which one to get....x

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