Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Guys

gifts for guys

I always struggle with what to get for the men in my life. Mostly it's just because guy stuff is kinda boring, so I am even more prone to buying something I like as opposed to something the man I'm buying for likes. "Enjoy your bubble bath set! Lemon Verbena is kind of a manly scent, isn't it?" It's either that, or they end up with the same thing every year (I always have to stop myself from buying my dad barbecue sauce every year).

I have this inkling that some of you might have the same problems, so I've come up with a short list of tried-and-true guy pleasers (my husband owns all of these things).

1. Tanner Lanyard
Made in the US from English bridle leather and tanned with natural vegetable dyes, this lanyard is perfect for keeping wallets and keys close to the body. It looks pretty tough, too. Available from Blackbird Ballard.

2. Filson Travel Kit
So $90 this isn't exactly a steal, but it sure is nice. These waxed-canvas bags are made in Seattle by a company with a long and interesting history. All their products are durable, high-quality, and super cool (at least according to the men I know). Check out the Blackbird website to learn more about the company and their products!

3. Stanley Thermos
Nothing says "tough and manly" like a Stanley Thermos! They come in quite a few colors now, are still made of high-quality stainless steel, and are great for keeping coffee piping hot.

4. LUSH Soak and Float Solid Shampoo and Tint
Cade Oil gives this solid shampoo its distinct campfire scent. My husband's favorite scent (and flavor) is smoke, so he was pretty thrilled when I found this shampoo bar. Every once in a while he gets very worried that they discontinue this scent and swears he's going to go buy 10 of them just in case. This one bar has lasted him for so long though, that I'm pretty sure 10 would last him the rest of his life. The bar is $10.95 and the tin was free with purchase. Make sure you get the tin or you will think your bathroom is on fire!


Collette Osuna said...

Great gifts for guys...seems like all the lists are for hit a homerun:)

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Ashley said...

Those are great ideas! I, too, think it's hard to shop for guys. I usually pick out a shirt or something I'd like to see them wearing.

Romwe Online said...

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