Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for IT

gifts for all

This gift guide has no gender. Maybe you need a gift for a couple or for a whole family, or maybe you just need ideas for someone you don't know very well on a personal basis, like your boss. Well, this is the guide for you!

1. Crate and Barrel Goodies $5-$22
Crate and Barrel has great general purpose gifts. Their gourmet Christmas goodies are always a hit, because everyone likes food! Everything is relatively affordable and comes festively packaged which is perfect if you're hurrying off to a holiday party and need a last-minute gift.

2. Heifer International $10+
Heifer International is a non-profit organization that provides livestock to poor families in the US and around the World. This gift is great for someone who already has everything or a family that is interested philanthropy. You can "buy" anything from a share in a sheep to an entire "Ark" of animals, which will then be sent to a struggling family in your friend's honor. The organization also accepts monthly donations.

3. Kate Spade Leather Cleaner $10
Most people own something made of leather and every once in a while it needs to be cleaned. This gift is for that practical person on your list. Maybe it's your aunt or your older brother, or maybe you are just trying to encourage your younger sister to take care of her stuff for once! This leather cleaner is perfect for cleaning smooth and patent leathers and can also be used on vinyls!

4. Kate Spade Domino Set $30
I swear, this is the last Kate Spade item. There are just so many great gifts on that site! This set of dominoes is perfect for a family with kids or anyone who likes to play games. Fun, affordable, and can be played by all ages.

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