Monday, January 30, 2012

don't let it go to your head

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here's the Glamour shot! I've been meaning to scan it, but that's hard to do without a scanner. Luckily, the people at Glamour were kind enough to post it on their blog Slaves to Fashion . Someone even left a nice comment about it :)

Recently, my father-in-law asked me if it was "all going to my head." So far no, it's still pretty weird seeing myself in a magazine. The more appropriate phrase would be "It's hard to wrap my head around it." Then, while I was doing the washing up, I realized despite my health problems and the drama my feet caused this past year, I don't feel like I missed out on any opportunities. I feel very accomplished, and that's a good feeling.

Photo Credit: Marc Leibowitz for Glamour Magazine

The outfit:
Vintage velvet blazer and hat
Thrifted stripe top
American Apparel skirt
Vintage Coach bag

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Glitter skirt by Danielle Scutt. COVET.

I saw this skirt in the most recent issue of Elle (Feb. '12, pg. 208) and knew immediately that this would be the next item featured on COVET. It's gorgeous, completely impractical and extravagant, and certainly nothing I will own anytime soon. Actually, I can't even figure out where to buy it. I think you would have to be famous or know Miss Scutt personally. Maybe it's just not available yet, but at $1,415 I will probably never be in the same city as that skirt.

Visit to see more of Danielle Scutt S/S 2012 ready-to-wear

Friday, January 27, 2012

F21 Feature

Finally, all that money spent at Forever21 has paid off. LOL! j/k! But seriously, they were so kind as to feature me on The Skinny, which is Forever21's bloggity blog.

I am featured alongside 3 other lovely ladies, all of whom have much better picture quality! (I think it is high time I educate myself in the way of taking-nicer-photos). While I'm doing that, why don't you check it out!

Share the Wealth Giveaway-WINNER!

Sorry for the delay, but I have finally chosen a winner! After numbering everyone, I used to generate a random number and the winner is...

Moriela from Charmed!!!


Thanks, everyone, for entering :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

snow day

Currently, I am writing from my bedroom. My window looks out on the "yard" and alleyway; greens and greys are the primary shades. It's hard to believe that just 4 days ago it was under 5+ inches of snow and ice. I've never seen that much snow melt so quickly.

We've avoided flooding and burst pipes so far, but our dumpster is completely full (just my luck, as it is NEVER full) and I am still cleaning up mud. Seattle seems to have escaped unscathed, but the rest of the Puget Sound is a different story. Many homes are still without power, a man was killed by a falling tree, and a factory roof collapsed under the weight of the snow and ice. I guess we should just stop being "wimps", huh Los Angeles?

I was lucky that I didn't have to go anywhere and could just enjoy the white wonderland. It was fun seeing my tenant snowboard down our alleyway. How many people can say they have cross-country skied thru their town? Ok, well I can't, but I know some people who can :) I went out walking a couple times, but the cold and the low barometric pressure made my feet hurt SO bad, I couldn't stand or walk for very long. Accordingly, I had to coordinate my outfits around flat, warm boots. This outfit had a lot of fun layers and pattern combinations; I enjoyed wearing it.

Curly Hazelnut in the yard at one of our rental properties.

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!

In these photos:
J.Crew hat
Forever21 jacket
Vintage sweater
Noble A dress
American Apparel socks
Payless boots
Coach bag

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Share the Wealth Giveaway

I have been very lucky this past year and feel that I should share some of my luck with my readers. That brings us to 2012's first giveaway! You will all have the chance to enter, and one lucky reader will win the Nine West bag I got from Marie Claire as part of my prize package. The winner will also receive the January issue of UK Glamour. My dad brought this back from England :) Ok, so if you're from the UK, it won't be that exciting, but it's still a free magazine!

So about the bag. As you can see in the picture above, it's a tote with a silver woven exterior. The interior is lined with fabric and features a large pocket, small zippered pocket, and a magnetic snap closure. It's an all-around great bag!

You can enter several different ways:
1. Follow me via bloglovin' or Google (Click "Follow" on the right side of the blog) +1 entry

2. LIKE Fleur d'Elise on Facebook +1 entry

3. Post a link to the giveaway on your blog +2 entries

Remember to leave a comment telling me which one you did and post a link if you mentioned me on your blog!

Giveaway ends January 25th, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Four Snowmen of the Snowpocalypse

It's coming!! A whole 6 inches of snow! DOT is putting down so much sand and salt it will be like driving on the beach once all the snow is gone!

Surprisingly, it's not that cold out, so strategic layering is all I need. A loose, heavy-knit shrug to provide warm pockets of air, full length gloves, a beret to keep the snow off my face, and thick socks in my boots; I'm good to go!

So I was trying to come up with names for the Four Snowmen, but I've only got three so far.
1. Pestilence, the Snowman of Delayed Garbage Service
2. Anguish, the Snowman who brings chaos to I-5 and leaves drivers stranded there for 5+ hours.
3. Pain, this Snowman brings icy sidewalks and consequentially, broken tailbones and bruised egos

I'm open to suggestions for the fourth

Cross your fingers that my husband doesn't get stranded at work tonight!

In these photos:
American Apparel beret
Zara top
Harmonic shrug
Vintage fur stole and leather gloves
H&M bag
Zella Leggings
Etienne Aigner boots

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spring Accessories

Spring Accessories

Neon accessories seem to pop up every Spring. As much as I love them, maybe it's time to give something else a try. How about metallics? They're just as bold; just as eye-catching. Plus, gold and silver are technically neutrals, so neutral rules apply to them!

Try pieces that glitter, try pieces that shine, and if you get too overwhelmed or don't feel like spending money, try Essie's line of Luxeffect Nail Polish. I especially love the silver one over top of a peachy polish.

As promised, I will be having a Giveaway very soon! Check back on Wednesday to see what goodies I will be giving away to a lucky reader!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Finally, everything is coming up Catie! If that doesn't make any sense, it's a Simpsons reference. Millhouse said something similar once. Anyway, things are starting to go very well for me.

After nearly a year of foot problems, my feet are finally starting to feel better. I've completely cut coffee out of my life (sigh) because it causes inflammation and I'm seeing an acupuncturist. After trying everything else, I didn't think it would work. I was wrong! Acupuncture is magic!! I have my second appointment tomorrow, which I'm hoping will go well. You see, I'm pretty terrified of needles. Like get-up-and-run-out-of-the-dentists-office terrified. My aunt, who works at the acupuncturist's office, didn't think I would actually come in for it, but I did! Christie, if you're reading this, thanks for telling her I blacked out when I got my ears pierced!

I don't know if I'll ever be able to wear heels again, but I am so, so thankful to just be pain free. It's nice to have a little break from that whole ordeal.

On top of improvements in health, I've been approached for more features and a collaboration; two things that are always welcome! And I have all you lovely readers :) It feels good to be a part of this community.

A little shout-out to my Uncle Paul and Aunt Anita who made my latest Forever21 shopping spree a possibility :)

In theses photos:
Forever21 jacket & stockings
Forever21 sheer blouse
H&M cotton mini dress
DKNY fishnets
Kate Spade iPad case
Aldo shoes

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spring Color Trends: Part 2

Spring Color Trend: Pastels

Pastels are still prominent, but at Jill Stuart, they were paired perfectly with candy brights.

It was easy to find similar pieces at affordable prices, since J.Crew has some nearly identical color combinations in their Spring line. If J. Crew is still too pricey, look to H&M's new S/S '12 line for fresh brights and sweet pastels.

Here are some other great pieces that follow this trend!

Cotton candy trousers? Yes please! Buy them at

Cotton Candy Pants

Pineapple sorbet and lemon jelly beans come to mind when I look at these pumps from Charlotte Russe:


Ok, I hate gumdrops, but I love this purse. Buy at

For my blog

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Color Trends: Part 1

Spring Color Trend: Pastels

So I've done a little research (not gonna pretend like this was my idea!) and pastels are suppose to be very "in" this Spring. Definitely appropriate for the season, I should say! Quite a few designers sent light, frothy shades down the runways, but one really stuck out: Chanel Ready-to-Wear for S/S 2012.

Dewey-faced models floated down the runway that had been decorated to look like a a coral reef. There weren't any obvious mermaid references (no silly tails or shell bras), but every piece was a nod to the sea. Delicate scales, pearly fabrics, and colors reminiscent of sea fans and scallop shells are just some of the details Karl Lagerfeld used to bring this underwater world to life.

The term "ready-to-wear" is sometimes a little misleading. You think to yourself "Oh, maybe it's in real people dollars," but no, it just means it's not made to order. The prices are still excruciating. Instead, the average girl, like moi et tu, must take notes on what she likes and find inspired pieces at prices she can afford.

I've done some of the work for you and found some lovely items at stores like Madewell, American Apparel, and online at Below are a few more reef-inspired pieces.

Look for frothy textures and shimmery fabrics, like this Romwe tunic:

Romwe Top

If that's too much for you, try adding some scalloped edges into your wardrobe. They're named after a sea creature, and for good reason! I like this tiered top from Forever21.

Forever21 Top

As for accessories, opalescent stones, pearl earrings, and coral clutches are perfect for finishing off a look. I'm heading to Forever21 today to see if I can score this amazing necklace!

Opal necklace

It's here!

Just picked up a couple copies of the February 2012 issue of Glamour. One for me and one for my husband's family. I am soooo happy with the picture. I like it a lot more than the one in Marie Claire, but I can't complain really! What a great start to the year :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've been very busy crafting. That is the one blessing that has come from my feet problems. I'm finally working on arts and crafts projects! I'm even getting around to projects that have been waiting on me for years. I've been obsessed with felting. It's way easier than I thought it would be and I actually have the patience for it, unlike sewing. I made a whole bunch of little animals for Christmas presents (ex. my sister got an otter and my grandma got an english Robin) and now I'm working on a project that I'm hoping will someday become a book. I can't tell you what it is yet, because I don't want anyone stealing my idea, haha.

As for the outfit, I was happy to finally style the little yellow blouse you see peeking out of the sweater. It's from Lulu's but I was lucky enough to get it for free on Chictopia. They have a great rewards program! I didn't even have to pay shipping. Actually, this outfit was very cheap! The blouse was free, as was the skirt and belt! I am a lucky-duck, and I feel I should share some of my luck. Keep your eyes open for a giveaway coming in the next week or so!!

In this outfit:
American Apparel beret
Vintage sweater
Lulu blouse
Felicee skirt & belt
Vintage velvet blazer

Monday, January 2, 2012

January, supposedly.

After dealing with crazy weather 3 years in a row, I was really prepared to get snowed in again (it only takes like 2 inches). So far, not one flake. Instead we get days like yesterday. 49 degrees and sunny. Apparently, the rest of the country is experience this, too. It just doesn't feel like winter.

Apart from that, Happy New Year! What are you looking forward to most this year? I, for one, am bound and determined to start seeing some improvement in my feet. That is what I'm looking forward to (cross your fingers). I will never wear heels again, but I will be satisfied with just being pain-free. It puts quite a damper on my blogging, as I'm sure regular readers have noticed.

I got these pictures as we were heading out the door yesterday. The cardigan is new and was free with the use of my Chic Points on I really love the black piping around the edge.

You know what else I'm looking forward to? The February issue of Glamour Magazine. You know why? Because I made it in!!! The section I'm in was suppose to be in the November 2011 issue, and I figured they ran out of room or I didn't make it. Then, last month, I got word. I feel pretty accomplished. They sought me out for this and I made the final cut. Pretty damn affirming :) Remember, hard work always pays off. Keep blogging, keep writing, keep doing whatever it is that you love!

In this photo:
Tisvin cardigan
Zella leggings
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Kate Spade iPad case
Blogging tips