Friday, February 3, 2012


This card is currently looking down at me from my note-board. I don't usually buy cards--I'm quite efficient at making my own and people seem to like them--but I just couldn't resist this one. I love the handwritten text, the "Frenchiness", and of course the girl's striped top. I also really love the fact that the design is hand-painted.

I've been painting a lot more lately, thanks in large part to Rifle Paper Co. You never know what's going to inspire you or how, but every time I see one of their designs, I want to go home and paint! Every card, notepad, and calendar is the perfect combination of beauty and humor. I love the whimsy and the somewhat-careless fashion of the designs. I wish I could let loose enough to paint such fun designs, but I can't seem to get my hand to paint in that same style. You see, my style is determined to be very detailed and perfectly accurate.

Instead, I'll just keep painting in my own style and enjoying Rifle's designs when I'm browsing one of the many card shops I frequent.

I encourage you to visit the Rifle Paper Co. website . They have so many lovely paper products and even do custom designed invitations!

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Despina T. said...

these cards are very beautiful!i love their french aisthetic :)

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