Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fashion Facts #1

And now for a new feature: Friday Fashion Facts. Sometimes they will be useful and interesting, and sometimes they will just be nerdy and/or trivial.

According to the March Issue of Harper's Bazaar
Tom Ford takes 4 hot baths a day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look of the Day: slap-in-the-face pink!

Oh geez, I love this sweatshirt. It's way too big and probably unflattering, but I just cannot see past that pink! Actually, it might be ruining my eyesight, and not just simply distracting me.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit I've bought two short sleeved sweatshirts in the past month. I don't know why, but I feel like my best friend from high school, Sarah, would make fun of me for wearing them, like when I shaved my arms junior year.
The sweatshirts seem a little silly, but are actually making a lot more sense then I thought they would. This Spring has been pretty cold so far, but I want to at least pretend the weather is getting nice! Short sleeves with a soft, fuzzy interior are working out just perfectly.

J.Crew chambray shirt - Vintage sweatshirt - Polka dot skirt (similar) - Vintage purse - Forever21 glasses (similar) - Xhilaration flats

Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY: let's make a card!

Nothing tops a handmade card! Here is a simple design that you can personalize for any occasion. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect! I'll walk you through the steps and you'll see it's easier than it looks :)
(Click on them for sources)
- pencil & eraser
- Marker in a fun color
- Ruler (not pictured)

Step 1. Sketch out 3 flag poles and 2 flags. The flags should be about 1/2 inch wide. Each pole should be a different length and they should point away from each other so there's room for each flag. No need for perfection! Use your eraser if you need to!
Step 2. Add a pattern to one flag, if you want, or you can leave it blank. Then, carefully go over your pencil lines with the super fine pen. Let dry for a couple minutes.
Step 3. While the ink is drying, cut your ribbon. Start with 2 inches to leave room for mistakes. Fold the ribbon end in half and make a diagonal cut that slants away from the end. (Click here for more detailed directions)
Step 4. Color in one flag with the colored marker and write a message such as "happy birthday" or "thanks" in the other flag. I wrote "hurrah!" because I made my flag too small. A super fine pen means you can write very small, though! Now use your eraser to get rid of all the pencil lines.
Step 5. Carefully apply adhesive along half of the back of the ribbon. Don't apply it to the v-cut end, since it can make the ribbon unravel. Trim up any loose threads.
Step 6. Place the ribbon on the empty flag pole and gently press to adhere it to the paper. Lift up the unglued end and apply a little adhesive directly to the paper.

Don't forget to sign and date the back! And don't hesitate to ask if you're having trouble or don't get one of the steps.

There you go! A nice little card to give to someone you luuurrrve (that's British for "love")

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Look of the Day: neon spring

neon, fashion, spring, pixie cut, fleur d'elise
Spring is finally here! I'm so excited for warm weather. This past winter really made me want to move to California. Trevor absolutely refuses, though.
neon, fashion, spring, pixie cut, fleur d'elise
Look! I got a package! It contained two wonderful treasures I won from a giveaway. A big thank you to Mona @La Boheme and

I absolutely love the bracelet! Sad that the ring doesn't fit :( Stupid tiny fingers. It is adjustable, but my fingers are so small I would have to bend it weird to get it to fit.

Oh! And I got a new purse! I am so in love with it. I found it at Value Village for $10. It's in perfect shape and the faux croc texture makes it look so expensive. I wish it were leather, but beggars can't be choosers.
Forever21 Tank Top (click to buy similar) - Sheer vintage blouse - J.Crew belt - Thrifted sunglasses (similar) - Faux Croc purse (similar) - Forever21 trousers - Xhilaration flats (similar)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recipe: Easy Beans & Rice

recipe, beans and rice, vegan, vegetarian
It's been a while since I've posted a recipe, so I've been experimenting. After failing horribly with a curry-style lentil dish, I decided it was time to simplify things. The results: this delicious and easy bean dish.

I cooked mine in a crock pot, which meant the least amount of effort. We found a 2-person crock pot at Fred Meyer's (it's like Target) for $10. It's been one of our best purchases yet! When you use a slow-cooker, there is no need for cooking oil, which can help if you are trying to eat smart. You can cook this dish in a sauce pan too, but you will need to soak the beans over night, or use canned beans.

1 medium carrot
1/2 onion
2 cloves garlic
1-2 slices wood smoked bacon (this can be omitted)
1 cup beans, any kind
Water or broth
Salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes, to taste

1 cup rice
1 can beets
Cilantro & lime

Step 1.
Chop up the onion. Cut the carrot lengthwise and slice. Add to pot.
recipe, beans and rice, vegan, vegetarian
Step 2. Peel the garlic. An easy way to do this is cut off the end and then use the flat side of the knife to slightly crush the garlic. This helps loosen the skin so it can be removed easily. Chop up the garlic and add to pot.

Step 3. Rinse the beans and cut the bacon into small pieces. What's nice about bacon is you don't need a lot to add flavor to a dish! The bacon can be omitted if you want a vegetarian or vegan dish, but add some smoked paprika or smoked salt so you're not missing out on that lovely smokey flavor! Put the bacon and beans into the pot.
recipe, beans and rice, vegan, vegetarian
I used Anasazi beans for this recipe simply because they're beautiful! Black beans would work, too.

Step 4. Stir together all the ingredients, add salt, pepper, and pepper flakes, and add roughly 2 1/2 cups water or broth, or enough to cover. Now cover with the lid and let cook for 3 to 4 hours, or until beans are tender. Stove top cooking time will differ.

Step 5. Serve over rice with cilantro, lime, beets, and hot sauce.

recipe, beans and rice, vegan, vegetarian
I used fancy black rice that I found at the co-op that my mom shops at. It has lots of vitamins and a nutty flavor, similar to brown rice. How cool is this rice??
black rice, vegan, recipe
If you opt for black rice, here are the cooking directions:
2 cups water for 1 cup rice
Soak the rice while the beans cook.
When you are ready to cook it, bring the 2 cups water to a boil
Add in the rice and reduce to simmer
Cover and cook for 25-30 minutes
Note: If you don't pre-soak the rice, you will need to cook it for 60-70 minutes!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twitter Tuesday Interview

The lovely Collette of Statements in Fashion has chosen me for this weeks Twitter Tuesday feature!! I am flattered, honored, and feel so lucky that I get to call her "friend". She is a lovely lady and so inspiring. Every time I visit her blog I learn or discover something new. Regardless of the interview, you really must visit her blog!

Click here to read the interview!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

COVET. Charlotte Olympia Platform

Introducing my latest obsession, these Charlotte Olympia Platforms (more specifically, this painting I did of one). I can't find this specific style in any online shops, but you can pre-order this similar style at Nordstrom.

There's a scene in That Thing You Do, where they're having lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel; surrounded by that iconic banana leaf wallpaper. I remember, my 12 year old self, thinking "I want that wallpaper. I will have that wallpaper." Now, 15 years later, Charlotte Olympia has chosen it as a prominent pattern in her Spring 2012 collection. At prices that range from $625 for sandals, to $1,075 for the platforms, this pattern is still out of my reach.

At least, now I know I can replicate the pattern pretty well. Maybe I will just paint it on my walls.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

New look and Giveaway reminder

Hi lovely readers! Happy Friday!
French Macaron mini bag
Remember to enter the contest! The winner will recieve a $25 e-gift card to Then you can buy adorable new Spring accessories, like this French Macaron mini bag!!

If you belong to any of the blogger platforms, like Chictopia or Lookbook, you've probably already seen this outfit. It's easier and faster to post things on those sites, so they almost always get my new looks before my blog does. Probably not the best schedule to have, but it's a hard pattern to break!

In these photos:
American Apparel wrap dress
Sheer blouse from Forever 21
Vintage Coach purse
Thrifted blazer
Banana Republic sling-back shoes
H&M flower pin

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Giveaway!

spring giveaway

It's that time of year when every fashionista is looking for a few new things to add to her Spring wardrobe, so I've partnered with Mochi Beaucoup to bring you another lovely giveaway, just in time for Spring! This online boutique offers cute and affordable women's fashion accessories, including handbags, jewelry, scarves, belts, and much more.

Above are a few of my favorite items from I especially love the cat scarf, which also comes in black, and the lace collar. Originally I was going to pick out something to give away, but I just can't decide, so I'm going to let the winner choose!

One lucky winner will get a $25 e-gift card to spend on whatever they want at Mochi Beaucoup!

Here are the rules:
1. Visit and choose your favorite item. Then leave me a comment with a link to the item and tell me why you love it!
2. Like Mochi Beaucoup's Facebook page
3. Like the Fleur d'Elise Facebook page

That's it! I will be keeping track to make sure everyone has followed the rules and I will email you if you miss one of the requirements.

The giveaway will run from March 7th to March 16th.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

COVET. Chanel hair pins

The other week, I had decided to can COVET. Instead of giving up, though, I'm going to try it from a different approach: I'm going to draw or paint every item I feature. Alone, COVET. was just another generic item-of-the-week feature, but with my paintings, it has a little more character; it's a little more "Fleur d'Elise".

Lately, I've been dreaming of these Chanel hairpins. They probably wouldn't even work in my hair, but they're such delicious little trinkets! They're part of the Spring 2012 Ready-to-wear collection (you know, the sea-themed one) and I'm not even sure they're available in stores yet. You might be able to find them at Chanel boutiques, but I couldn't find them on the website, so I'm not positive. According to the March issue of Harper's Bazaar, they'll cost you about $300.

At first, the price doesn't seem so atrocious, I look at my bank account and think "Yeah, I've got that." Oh wait, that's all I have and to spend it on teeny bobby pins would be insanity. Trevor said "You should write about how I would kill you if you bought those." I told him that I always mention how I would be dead. It's not as funny the third and fourth time, dear.

Original painting of Chanel Hairpins by Catie Beatty

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well, it's nearly Spring, so I guess it's time for something new. How about some lovely new earrings and a new hair color?

In an attempt to dye my hair back to its natural, dark blond shade, I ended up brunette. It's actually even darker than the picture on the box! I'm pretty happy with it though; it's a gorgeous shade!

Believe it or not, I've only had my ears pierced for about 2 years.When it comes to earrings, I have a very small collection, especially in comparison to someone who has had their ear's pierced from a young age. I've been wanting a nice pair of diamond studs for fancy occasions, preferably canary diamonds. I have come to terms with the fact that I can't (and may not ever be able to) afford canary diamonds, but I found a lovely alternative on

I was a little overwhelmed with how many options I had, but I am completely happy with the outcome. I was able to choose the size, the metal, the style, and the type of stone for my earrings. I ended up with four prong princess cut citrine stud earrings in yellow gold. I absolutely love the color! They're the perfect size; not too tiny or too gaudy. If you want gaudy, though, you can order studs with gems up to 6.5 mm!

The earrings came perfectly packaged in a nice little enameled box.
Hope everyone is doing well! Spring is just around the corner!

In these photos:
Earrings by Anjolee
Lipstick by Maybelline
GAP cardigan
Tiered blouse from Lulu's
J.Crew wool pencil skirt
Aldo purse
Forever21 platforms
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