Saturday, March 3, 2012

COVET. Chanel hair pins

The other week, I had decided to can COVET. Instead of giving up, though, I'm going to try it from a different approach: I'm going to draw or paint every item I feature. Alone, COVET. was just another generic item-of-the-week feature, but with my paintings, it has a little more character; it's a little more "Fleur d'Elise".

Lately, I've been dreaming of these Chanel hairpins. They probably wouldn't even work in my hair, but they're such delicious little trinkets! They're part of the Spring 2012 Ready-to-wear collection (you know, the sea-themed one) and I'm not even sure they're available in stores yet. You might be able to find them at Chanel boutiques, but I couldn't find them on the website, so I'm not positive. According to the March issue of Harper's Bazaar, they'll cost you about $300.

At first, the price doesn't seem so atrocious, I look at my bank account and think "Yeah, I've got that." Oh wait, that's all I have and to spend it on teeny bobby pins would be insanity. Trevor said "You should write about how I would kill you if you bought those." I told him that I always mention how I would be dead. It's not as funny the third and fourth time, dear.

Original painting of Chanel Hairpins by Catie Beatty


Ashley said...

Yay Catie! Keep drawing. These are lovely. I'm dying for a piece of vintage Chanel jewelry, which usually starts at $400. We can dream, can't we?

gs said...

wow - you're so talented! def. draw your covets from now on - i was thinking of adding some illustrations to my blog as well, but so far i haven't quite decided on how to do it - anyways, looks great!


BlairBeautyBlogger said...

Wow beautiful! Keep posting these, I love seeing them:)

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